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Chiropractic Back Pain Treatment During Pregnancy

Back pain, especially when you’re pregnant, is never fun. At Impact Medical Group, we strive to improve the overall health and happiness of our pregnant patients – and their partners, in this case – because we know they could also use a break from all those manuals! Read on to see how our team can help with chronic back pain treatments during pregnancy. 

An article from the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine analyzed the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment on lower back pain (LBP) during pregnancy. Approximately 50% to 80% of pregnant women reported this type of pain throughout their pregnancy. In most cases, treatment plans prescribed included exercise, manual therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic therapy. Spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), soft tissue therapy and exercise programs are some of the techniques used within chiropractic care. 

The study concluded that nearly all chiropractors succeeded in effectively treating LBP in their pregnant patients. Most saw positive results immediately with pain reduction, increased functionality and improved joint restrictions. Treatments utilized were “high velocity, low amplitude spinal manipulation maneuvers, exercise programming and soft tissue therapy.” Another popular method effectively used was the Webster technique. This approach is a chiropractic evaluation of the sacrum and its alignment within the pelvis. Adjustments can put the sacrum back into a proper alignment. This may be paired with stretching and manual of the uterine ligaments and its attachment points on the abdominal wall. 

Lower back pain issues during pregnancy can develop from an onslaught of symptoms like stress, a shift in the body’s center of gravity, hormonal changes and/or weight gain. As muscles tighten and shift, you can experience increased pressure that can cause sciatic and sacroiliac pain. Ligaments around the uterus stretch to cause round ligament and pubic pain. 

But it doesn’t have to feel like a hopeless situation! The great news is that the doctors at Impact Medical Group are tested and proven experts that can give you accurate and helpful advice during your pregnancy. Give our Lutz office a call at (813) 536-4271 or send us a message to make your appointment today.