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Why You Should Avoid DIY Therapy

We live in a world of instant gratification and one where Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is more accessible and more straightforward than ever. With things like YouTube and other online tutorials, there’s practically nothing that you can’t learn how to fix or do on your own. Whether you want to build a kit car, change out the windows on your home, or learn how to make the perfect holiday dessert, it’s all right at your fingertips online. The problem is that this also means that DIY physical therapy is only a click away, and take it from the physical therapy pros at Impact Medical Pompano Beach when we say that this is one type of DIY that should never be attempted. 

Take a moment to imagine what would happen if you went online and “learned” how to do surgery. Do you really think that you’ll be helpful to the person you’re performing surgery on without the proper training and experience? No, you won’t. And the same goes for trying to self-diagnose and perform DIY therapy for any chronic pain or injuries you are experiencing. The healing and recovery specialists at Impact Medical Group Pompano Beach have put together the most critical reasons you should avoid DIY therapy for your recovery and healing. 

You Will Incorrectly Diagnose Yourself

Diagnosing yourself using internet blogs or YouTube videos puts you at risk of an incorrect diagnosis, especially if you consider: 

  • Pain can have different causes: If you’re experiencing constant, throbbing pain, it can be an injured muscle, but if you’re suffering from sharp shooting pain, it may be a more severe injury requiring professional attention and diagnosis.
  • Inflammation after an injury is part of the healing process: However, something like lingering inflammation for a few weeks can indicate a severe injury such as a hairline fracture.

There’s a good chance using the DIY method will result in you continuing doing the wrong exercises or other versions of self-treatment and result in additional injury. This is because the internet cannot assess your specific condition and educate you properly. 

The physical therapists at Impact Medical are highly trained and experts at diagnosing any issues from chronic pain or injury that you’re experiencing. And when you have the correct diagnosis, you’re able to recover better and faster. 

You Will Use the Right Exercises With The Wrong Form

You don’t have the experience and understanding of the musculoskeletal system that a professional physical therapist does. So, while you may feel that you’re doing the proper exercise to address your ailments or pain, chances are you may not be using the appropriate form to target the specific areas. This can result in you causing further injury to the areas of your body that you’re trying to heal. A video cannot give you feedback and make instant adjustments to your form that the physical therapists at Impact Medical can when they’re working closely with you. Our PT specialists work with you to create a customized care and recovery plan that includes: 

  • Providing you with the correct exercises to encourage healing and recovery.
  • Educating you on the proper form for every movement.
  • Coaching you on how to maximize the impact of each activity.

You May End Up Relying on Outdated Methodology And Practices

PT is an ever-evolving scientific study of the human body and movement, and the scientific research it’s guided by is always coming out with new techniques and methodologies. If you’re putting the hands of your recovery in outdated internet videos and DIY PT, you may end up relying on outdated information that’s wrong for addressing your proper needs. This not only delays your recovery but can even cause lasting damage that can be prevented when you seek out professional PT guidance. The PTs at Impact Medical are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals you’ll find all throughout Pompano Beach. We ensure that when you trust us for your treatment, you’re getting the most up-to-date physical therapy techniques based on current scientific research and study. 

Don’t Self-Diagnosis Your Pain, Let the Pros Help Stop Your Pain Today.

If you’re ready to step out of living in constant pain and searching for the DIY treatments that give temporary relief, we invite you to reach out to our Impact Medical team in Pompano Beach. Our friendly and dedicated staff is available to provide you with comprehensive and personalized medical care that addresses your pain and promotes proper healing. 

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