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Physical Therapy for Improving Your Golf Swing

If you are a golfer, being about to play a consistent game of golf is the ultimate goal; however, there are many issues that golfers face that impact their game such as injury, poor balance and stance, and poor posture. All these issues can be alleviated by physical therapy. 

Whether you are an avid golfer or someone who only gets on the green a few times a year, physical therapy can greatly improve your golfing performance and prevent golfing-related injuries. 

Our team at Impact Med Sun City Center discusses how physical therapy can improve your golf swing. 

Common Golfing Issues 

Common issues with a golf swing stem from:

  • Poor balance and stance
  • Poor posture 
  • Decreased motion of the neck, shoulders, back, and hips. 

Golfers who experience joint restriction, muscle tightness, or poor posture can struggle to execute their golf swings consistently. A thorough physical therapy evaluation and treatment plan from our team at Impact Med Sun City Center can help you maximize your body’s ability to transfer energy to the golf club with greater efficiency and speed. 

How a Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Golf Swing 

A physical therapist can create a series of exercises that are designed to improve your golf swing to:

  • Improve mobility of your joints since limited mobility can affect your swing. 
  • Improve flexibility of the muscles of your shoulders and hips since they are both critical to your backswing and follow-through. 
  • Improve your dynamic balance as poor control of the abdominals and hips could cause you to complete your golf swing off balance. 
  • Improve your core strength as a base for your golf swing. 

Building a Strong Golf Swing 

A golf swing is a complex maneuver that requires skill, strength, and focus to complete properly. To develop a good swing, golfers devote many hours of time and practice to become consistent. If your swing is just not what you think it should be or if you have been injured, a physical therapist can help you develop the strength and flexibility that you need.  

To improve your swing, there are many things to consider, such as a proper stance, coordination, and balance, strength in the core muscle groups, and accuracy. But if you are recovering from an injury or surgery, or suffer from chronic pain, your body will naturally compensate as you work to improve your golf swing. The result could undo years of practice. 

Our physical therapists can help you find the areas where you may be overcompensating and help you correct the problems with your swing. Swing limitations could be caused by tightness near your injury, a weakened muscle, or even back pain. 

At-Home Exercises 

Any good physical therapy regimen will include exercises and stretches that you can do at home to help improve your strength and support your recovery.

These exercises might include:

Elbow Plank: Place your elbows beneath your shoulders and pull your shoulders down and back, the way you would for a push-up. Pull in your abdominal muscles and glutes for added stability. Hold this pose for 20 seconds. As you gain strength, hold the plank for more time. 

Core Strengthening: Lie down on your back with your abdominal muscles pulled in. Lift your legs together or one at a time for one rep. Repeat. 

Pectoral Stretch: Find a doorway or a corner and place your hands and elbows against the wall or doorframe. Lean gently forward to stretch your pectoral muscles. 

Side Shoulder Rotation: Lie down on one side and lift your arm straight up. Point at the ceiling and slowly lower your arm while keeping your body stabilized. 

Do not perform any of these exercises if you have any injuries or physical conditions affecting your arms, torso, or back. Consult your physical therapist before trying these stretches. 

Improve Your Golf Swing at Impact Med Sun City Center 

Take your golf game to the next level and improve your golf swing with our physical therapy team at Impact Med Sun City Center! We will create a targeted plan that is just for you so you can see results on and off the green. 

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