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5 Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

The moments after a truck accident though overwhelming can be critical as an accident involving a semi-truck can result in serious injury. Though some collisions involving big trucks are deadly, if you are lucky to walk away with only minor injuries, there are a few important steps to take that will help you recover during the aftermath. 

If you are in an accident with a semi-truck, follow these steps from our team at Impact Med Wesley Chapel so you can get on the road to recovery. 

Call the Police

After an accident, it is important to call the police to report the accident. Make sure to let the 911 dispatcher know how many people are involved in the accident so that they can send as many ambulances and first responders as necessary. 

Even if the accident seems minor, call the police and get a report anyway. A police report is the best way to have documentation of the accident for insurance and medical purposes. Further, your medical records, medications, and lab results can all bolster your claim if you intend to litigate following an accident with a truck. 

Seek Medical Attention

Even if the accident was minor and you don’t think you are hurt, it is important to get a medical evaluation as soon as possible following the accident as you may have suffered injuries that don’t show immediately. Or you could have internal bleeding that only a doctor can diagnose. 

If you end up needing medical attention later, it can be hard to prove that the pain you are feeling is related to the accident. 

At Impact Med Wesley Chapel, we offer pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and more to help you recover following an accident. 

Hold onto the following pieces of evidence as they can help prove your injuries for claims or litigation purposes:

  • Imaging scan results like x-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds
  • Photos of physical injuries
  • The names of your prescribed medications
  • The dates and costs of your doctor appointments
  • Written testimony from your doctor

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Write Down Contact Information from Witnesses 

If you can do so and are uninjured, write down the contact information of any witnesses. These could be someone in one of the other vehicles involved, a bystander, or a driver in a nearby vehicle that was not involved. 

You don’t need to take witness statements, leave that to the police. If you can, approach any witnesses and ask for their contact information as they might have valuable information to share. 

You can pass this on to your lawyer or give the information to the police to help while they are performing the accident investigation. 

Document Your Injuries and Losses 

Again, this is something that you should only do if you are uninjured, and it is safe to get out of your vehicle and walk around. If you are on a busy highway, and the police have yet to arrive, don’t wander out onto the road. 

If you can, take photos of any property damage, injuries, and take note of the road conditions or other factors that might have caused the accident. 

It is crucial to take photos if the weather may have impacted the driver’s visibility or if the road was slick. Forensic experts can testify about past weather, but a picture of the weather that day is worth a thousand words. 

Be sure to obtain as much information as possible including:

  • The truck driver’s name, home address, phone number, and email address. 
  • The truck driver’s insurance company and policy number. 
  • The truck driver’s license number
  • The name and contact information for the truck driver’s employer and trucking company. 
  • The truck’s license plate number and any other identifying information. 

Never Admit Fault 

Yes, you might be angry that the truck driver caused the accident but being angry or mean won’t get you anywhere. Many people say things that they don’t mean when agitated or when their adrenaline is pumping. 

Keep a cool head and avoid saying something that you may regret in the future. And never admit fault! Save any details for your lawyer. 

The responding officers will do their best to do a thorough job of reconstructing the accident, and you will likely be asked for a statement, but you don’t need to admit fault (even if you were at fault.)

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Recover with the Help of Impact Med Wesley Chapel 

If you or a loved one has been injured during an accident with a truck, seek medical attention as soon as possible following the accident. Our team at Impact Med Wesley Chapel is here to help you recover and from truck accidents with our comprehensive treatment plans that include pain management, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. 

Trust your healing after an accident to Impact Med Wesley Chapel. Call us today—813-953-1002!