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Common Jet Ski Accidents & How to Avoid Them

Riding jet skis is a beloved pastime in Florida, but it comes with many potential dangers. There are countless variables you may not consider at the time which can cause injury to you or those around you. At Impact Medical Sarasota, we want you to be aware of the signs to look out for along with preventative measures and what you can do after becoming injured.

The Culprits Behind Ski Accidents

People are often eager to get into the water and have a fun time which is great, but that fun can easily be cut short if you’re not careful. Some of the leading causes of ski accidents include:

Irresponsible Behavior

Parties over the water are often associated with excessive drinking. Like with operating any other vehicle, it’s inadvisable to consume alcohol while operating a jet ski. Almost as reckless is attempting to drive a jet ski without any prior knowledge or training. In both of these cases, it’s easy to overlook boating regulations that you’re either not familiar with or aren’t considering at the time.

Lack of safety gear can also be considered irresponsible behavior since operators are given the duty of ensuring that all necessary equipment is present before setting sail. The availability of a life jacket can quite literally become a matter of life and death.

Improper Handling

Most boating accidents are due to mishandling. Attempting sharp turns, failing to slow down or stop to course-correct, or simply not paying attention can lead to collisions with stationary objects, other boats, or people floating in the water.

Faulty Equipment

Routine maintenance and check-ups are important tasks that should always be done before hitting the water. Jet ski malfunctions can cause serious injuries that could lead to unconscious drivers becoming stranded at sea. It could also become difficult to control a faulty vehicle.

Common Jet Ski Injuries

Regardless of the reason, jet ski injuries can be just as fatal as those caused by a head-on car crash. Victims can experience any of the following:

  • Whiplash: The act of the head and neck being extensively pulled in opposite directions at a high speed and heavy impact.
  • Bone fractures: Splinters and cracks in the bones caused by a direct and heavy blow.
  • Damage to the spine: Dislocated discs leading to hernias or nerve damage thus making it difficult to perform basic tasks due to mental impairment.
  • Burn marks: Intense scraping and rubbing against an object moving at high speeds that can cause your skin to burn from the friction.
  • Head or brain trauma: Blows to the head that could rattle your brain and cause mental trauma.

Whether you’ve suffered damage to the head, spine, or anything in-between, the road to recovery can be found in physical therapy and chiropractic care. Regular visits can help you regain range of motion and overall strength while restoring your body to its original health.

Start Relieving Your Jet Ski Injury

If you’re currently enduring any of these injuries due to a jet ski accident, make an appointment with Impact Medical Sarasota today by calling 941-269-2183. We’ll give you a thorough examination and create a personalized plan for your recovery!