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Injured on Your Ski Vacation? Here’s Why You Should See a Chiropractor

It’s that time of year when Floridians want to take a break from the heat by taking a trip out to the water and cool off. While the idea of staying at a resort by the ocean and getting out onto the open sea is exciting and an adventure to look forward to, it’s best to prepare yourself for all of the possible injuries that could occur and ruin your fun time. The professionals at Impact Medical Sarasota want to prepare you for what could happen and how seeing a chiropractor can help you.

Ski Vacation Injuries

Injuries can happen before you even make it to the water. You could be so excited to get your toes wet that you’ll take a wrong step and sprain your ankle as you make your way across the beach. Collisions while skiing can lead to bent and twisted limbs or a direct impact on the body. More common are whiplash injuries since it’s easy for your head to jolt back and forth from any bump at high speeds just as though you’re in a car crash.

Symptoms to Look For

A number of things can happen when you endure an accident during your ski vacation leading to a wide range of possible symptoms that’ll need treatment sooner than later. Some symptoms include:

  • Strain in the neck and shoulders
  • Spinal disc damage or dislocation
  • Nervous system impairment
  • Torn muscle fibers and tendons
  • Soreness from dislocated joints

One important thing to keep in mind is that although these symptoms can become extremely severe, they also won’t always be apparent right away. Soreness from torn muscles or minor dislocations can take anywhere from a single day to a few days to begin taking a toll on your body, and the situation will only be worse by then. To make sure there are no serious threats to your body and to be proactive in treating any issues, it’s important to see a specialist right away. An experienced chiropractor will be able to give you an accurate and detailed evaluation of what could be going on under your skin.

How Chiropractic Care Helps

There’s a chiropractic regimen for any type of physical injury to help with calming inflammation and lessening overall pain and discomfort. A chiropractor can coax your joints and spinal discs back to their original position and help restore your posture. Treating your body in this manner will also prevent any long-term ailments that could develop from neglect, such as lasting soreness that could follow you for life.

The Best Chiropractor in Sarasota

Suffered an unfortunate accident during your ski vacation? Call the professionals at Impact Medical Sarasota today at 941-222-1157 to schedule an appointment! We’ll create a personalized treatment plan to restore your body back to normal in no time. We’ll always do a thorough examination first and foremost to ensure that not a single session goes to waste. Each and every visit will bring you a step closer to a healthy body!