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Here’s How a Leg Length Imbalance May Be Causing You Back Pain

The weather is still cool which means neighborhood walks are on the rise. Nothing more relaxing than a walk around the block unless you are experiencing a leg length discrepancy. For those that suffer from two different lengths of legs, this imbalance can have a profound impact on your feet, hips, pelvis, and spine. Impact Medical of Tampa can help you identify those pain points and understand why this may be causing you back pain.

Generally, there are two types of leg length discrepancies. The first is called Functional Short Leg and is the most common type. This condition develops because of misalignments between two bones around the ilia area. As one ilium rotates forward, the other will rotate backward to compensate. A backward rotation causes the femur to contract and appear shorter. The other type of leg length discrepancy is called anatomical short leg and is less common. This condition occurs when there is an actual size difference in the femur. Most people that experience this were born with it, but it can also be caused by severe situations like an infection.

The most common symptom of a varied leg length is back pain. Because the spine has to adjust its alignment to compensate for the differences between the legs, it’s important to identify the root of the problem immediately. Delayed care may lead to more severe symptoms like patellar tendonitis, lateral knee pain, or plantar fasciitis. Before surgery is needed, a chiropractor may be able to use several techniques to ease the pain of these conditions.

When you work with the Impact Medical Group of Tampa team, a chiropractor will help you address the various misalignments throughout your legs, hips, pelvis, and spine through specific chiropractic adjustments. Orthotics is another resource that may be prescribed to help your condition. These can supplement chiropractic care by supporting fallen arches, knocked knees, or pelvic and hip rotation.

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