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4 Tips For Preventing Bicycle Injuries

With the rise of stationary biking, spinning classes, and road biking during Florida’s warmer months, cycling can be an amazing way to stay in shape. However, improper bike ergonomics can lead to a myriad of injuries. Impact Medical of Tampa shares four ways to prevent bicycle injuries so you can keep riding.

1. Riding position

Riders can prevent bike-related injuries by ensuring they have proper positioning. Uneven positioning of a cyclist’s body when riding can spark neck and back pain that generally involves neck overextension and lower back hunching. This may occur for several reasons but generally, a lack of hamstring stretching can force the spine to arch and your head to extend backward. Regular stretching pre- and post-ride paired with consistent chiropractic care are two essential prevention strategies.

2. Handlebar height

Often a miscalculation of handlebar height can cause neck, shoulder, hand, and wrist pain. To avoid this, riders should make certain that they have proper handlebar ergonomics. Handlebars should be positioned so that the rider can bend their elbows while using all of the positions of the gears and handlebars. Some riders choose to wear padded gloves while riding to reduce pressure on the median nerve. This allows any shock from the ground to be absorbed by the elbow rather than the forearm or wrist.

3. Saddle placement

Saddle placement is essential for injury prevention. A level seat should support total body weight while also allowing for repositioning. A tilted seat may cause the rider to slide backward and then overcompensate to maintain evenness. This can build stress on the lower back, wrists, knees, and hands. Prevent this by confirming the bike seat is at the right height with this exercise. When pedaling forward, notice if the balls of your feet are over the pedal and there is a slight bend in the knee with every acceleration.

4. Pedal ergonomics

A difference in leg length caused by poor pedal ergonomics can lead to several injuries. Uneven distribution may cause the rider to twist improperly on the bike, stretching one leg over the other to cause hip strain. To prevent this, check on improper foot positioning that can lead to pain outside the knee area. Wearing the correct bike shoes are also critical for even pressure distribution on the feet.

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