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Here’s How Pain and Suffering Is Calculated in Florida

Accidents can be traumatic. If you sustained an injury and intend to submit a personal injury claim, you may receive financial assistance for pain and suffering. Each state handles pain and suffering calculations differently. Read on to see Impact Medical Group Clearwater explain how pain and suffering are calculated in Florida.

There are several factors that juries take into account when calculating pain and suffering. A few of the most common examples are age, emotional distress, and new limitations caused by the injury and the severity of your injuries. Because pain and suffering is a non-economic damage, meaning that the financial cost and award are subjective, there is no exact formula to predict how it will be determined. However, if the injury has caused excessive medical bills or economic distress, it does play a role in determining compensation. These factors can lead to a decreased quality of life and emotional pain that is likely a consequence of your injury. 

Currently in Florida, there are no limitations on the amount of non-economic damages you can claim and pursue. However, two major exceptions include medical malpractice (up to $500,000) and claims against municipal and state governments (up to $200,000). There is also a statute of limitations to claim pain and suffering compensation in Florida. Up to three years for most claims, between two to four years for medical malpractice, and up to four years for personal injury claims. Documenting how your injuries affect your daily life may be useful in a personal injury case. Including documents like medical records and treatment plans are especially helpful for proving non-economic damage.

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