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How Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help After an Accident

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you don’t have to live with chronic pain or discomfort. Receiving care from a chiropractor can help bring the spine back into alignment after whiplash or other accident-related injuries. Read on to discover just some of the benefits of chiropractic adjustments after a car accident.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation goes hand in hand with any type of physical injury, and while some inflammation is normal and natural, too much can be harmful to the tissues, causing discomfort. When you visit your chiropractor for an adjustment, the chiropractor realigns the spinal cord, which can cut back on the body’s inflammatory cytokine production. In short, it lowers your body’s inflammatory response, instantly relieving pain.

If your back pain is due to inflammation, you’ll notice stiffness and pain that increases after periods of inactivity. Most people who experience back pain due to inflammation feel the most pain when waking in the morning, so tell your chiropractor about your symptoms so she can treat them accordingly.

Minimize pain

Chiropractic adjustments not only provide relief for specific areas of injury following a car accident, but also relieve pain throughout the body. During a chiropractic adjustment, your chiropractor performs spinal manipulations that tell the body to naturally release pain-relieving hormones. After spinal manipulation, oxytocin, neurotensin, and cortisol levels increase in the bloodstream, providing full-body pain relief.

In many cases, the pain-relieving benefits of chiropractic adjustments decrease the need for prescription pain medication. By seeking out chiropractic care immediately after a car accident, you can get relief from pain without resorting to addictive drugs that only mask pain without treating it.

Restore Range of Motion

Many people who are injured in a car accident lose flexibility in the neck or back. This loss of flexibility is often due to misalignment of the joints in the spine, inflammation, or the development of scar tissue. Chiropractic adjustments mobilize the spin and bring the joints back into proper alignment, restoring flexibility and range of motion.

Reduce Scar Tissue

It’s common for people to develop scar tissue after being injured in a car accident. The body forms scar tissue from collagen in an attempt to heal damaged muscles or tendons. While the development of scar tissue is natural, it can cause long-term pain and stiffness. Scar tissue often heals on its own and eventually functions like normal tissue, but if scar tissue is causing you discomfort, reach out to your chiropractor right away. She can use specific techniques to break up scar tissue, helping the area heal faster while reducing pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments Provide Relief from Car Accident Injuries

If you’re suffering from chronic pain or discomfort after a car accident, chiropractic adjustments can help. Reach out to the team at Impact Medical Group in Lutz today at (813) 536-0373 and schedule your adjustment. We’ll set you on the road to recovery, so you can live a pain-free life.