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Relationship Between Hormones & Weight Loss Explained

Did you know that hormones and weight gain are intricately linked? Both men and women can suffer from hormonal weight gain that can often be difficult to shed. To lose weight in a sustainable, healthy way, it’s important to understand the inner workings of hormones and how they can affect weight loss. Impact Medical Group of Tampa shares signs and symptoms of the most common hormones that may disrupt your weight loss journey if found unbalanced.

Generally, men can gain this type of weight from increased stress or cortisol levels in the body. Heightened cortisol activates survival mode and often slows down metabolism. For women, estrogen hormones like estradiol help regulate body weight and metabolism. Lowered levels of this hormone may cause weight gain in the hips and thighs area. Additional hormones that should be monitored include the following:


One of the most important hormones in your body is insulin. It is made by the pancreas and is responsible for storing and utilizing blood sugar when your body needs it. For example, after eating a large meal, a surge of insulin will enter the bloodstream to ensure blood sugar levels stay stable. Another key function of this hormone is to store fat. Insulin decides how much fat to store and how much to convert to energy. An imbalance in this hormone can lead to weight gain and/or Type 2 Diabetes.


Another hormone that is essential to maintaining a healthy weight is leptin. It acts as an appetite suppressant hormone made within your fat cells. When you eat a well-balanced meal, leptin is what makes you feel satiated. It tells your brain whether to feel hungry or full.

There are several additional factors like genetics and a sedentary lifestyle that can cause an increased risk of hormonal weight gain. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity and a balanced diet can help reverse hormonal weight gain. But to get a more robust picture of your health and create a strategic plan, speak to our experienced team of health professionals. At Impact Medical of Tampa, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of every patient we treat. Call us at (813) 283-1910 to make an appointment today!