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Here Are the Most Common Boating Injuries We See in Tampa Bay

When you head out for a day of sun and fun on the water, the last thing you want to think about is getting injured. Unfortunately, boating accidents are all too common, not just in Tampa Bay but across the country. Here are the most common boating injuries we see in Tampa Bay, and what you should do to treat them.


The most common type of boating injury—not just in Tampa Bay but across the country—is a laceration. A laceration is any cut to the skin. They often cause bleeding but can also affect muscle tissue and cause nerve damage if the cut goes deep enough.

Recreational boats are often made of breakable materials like fiberglass or aluminum. When these vessels take damage in a collision, anyone nearby can get cut by these materials when they shatter. Unintentional contact with a vessel’s propeller is another common reason for lacerations, which can happen anytime boats are operating near people in the water.

Broken Bones

There are several ways you can break a bone on a boat. Whether you’re thrown from the vessel during an accident, or you break your leg due to a fall, broken bones are a common maritime injury. Seek medical attention right away for a broken bone—not only can the condition be painful, but it can completely change the way you live your life if the issue isn’t addressed right away.


A contusion is a fancy name for a bruise, but that doesn’t mean this type of injury is minor or should be ignored. Contusions occur when blood capillaries below the skin rupture, usually due to trauma. They can affect muscle tissue and bone in some severe cases, so you should always seek professional medical attention to prevent further or prolonged injury.

Head Injuries

While not as common as the injuries described above, head injuries are some of the most severe. A head injury can substantially increase the risk of drowning, and it can even cause traumatic brain injury. Head injuries can also include other medical emergencies, like lacerations, skull fractures, or contusions. Any person suffering a head injury while boating should seek professional medical attention right away.

Back Injuries

Back injuries can be severe, especially when they involve the spinal cord. These accidents can occur in several ways on a boat, from impact due to a collision to a slip and fall. They can result in a variety of worrying conditions, including lifelong pain, herniated discs, nerve damage, paralysis, and more. Always seek medical attention if you’ve suffered a back injury, whether on a boat or on land.

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