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4 Common Car Accident Injuries Children Sustain

Car accidents are already incredibly unfortunate for everyone involved, but children have much more at stake when suffering from injuries caused by the impact. Just how dangerous are these injuries to a child’s growth, and what can you do to treat them? Impact Medical Brandon is here to help!

1. Head and Brain-Related Injuries

The most concerning type of injury that a child can endure from an accident is anything involving the head and brain. A concussion or any type of injury that affects brain function has a chance to hinder their development and growth, whether it be temporarily or permanently. This creates a literal life-changing situation that is alarming for most parents. If left untreated, these injuries can lead to fluctuating behavioral habits and a decrease in cognitive function, which can affect their grades and ability to handle everyday tasks.

2. Damage to the Chest Area

A tightened seat belt or a direct impact from the airbags can be enough to damage a child’s chest. After the accident, they may experience pain in the ribs and lungs. In some cases, the pain can travel to the thoracic area. Pain in these parts is already too much to bear for many adults, but imagine children, whose pain tolerances are much lower.

3. Spinal Cord Injuries / Nerve Damage

Spine-related injuries also have the ability to pose a threat to a child’s growth, due to the fact that your nerves are stored in the spinal cord. These injuries need immediate attention because they can lead to permanent disabilities that will follow a person for life, such as trouble speaking or moving properly.

4. Bone Fractures

Some children have already experienced bone fractures at some point with their need to spend substantial amounts of energy. But unlike injuries from sports games or simply playing around, bone fractures caused by a car accident are typically much worse and can cause more intense pain.

Types of Car Accident Treatments for Children

What can you do for your child if they’ve sustained any of these car accident injuries? Bringing them to a chiropractor or physical therapist as soon as you can is a good start. Like with many injuries in adults, children can also benefit from physical treatment methods leading to a faster recovery followed by sweet relief. Chiropractic care will lessen the inflammation they may feel in their muscles, tendons, and ligaments to help them relax. Regular physical therapy sessions can help them regain any lost muscle strength or range of motion. To top it off, manual therapy will ensure that they recover more quickly and can even help with concussions. Thankfully, there’s a place in Brandon that has experts in each of these treatment methods.

Bring Your Child to Impact Medical Brandon!

Physical therapy, chiropractic care, and manual therapy are all beneficial in treating your child after a car accident. When you come to Impact Medical Brandon, we’ll give your child a thorough examination and come up with the best plan for recovery so they can continue growing to be happy and healthy! Give us a call at (813) 522-8885 to schedule an appointment.