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4 Tips to Reduce Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Did the hog life choose you? If you are one of the more than eight million motorcyclists registered in the United States, then you know that motorcycle accident injuries can often be severe. Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg shares four tips to reduce motorcycle accident injuries so you can keep enjoying that sweet ride. 

1. Stay in your lane

Road etiquette is critical. Share the road by checking your surroundings before changing lanes. Do not attempt to occupy two lanes or squeeze between cars when stuck in traffic. This reckless behavior could not only put your life in danger but others’ too. If you are riding as a group, determine who will head and anchor the group during the route before departing. Also, confirm a meeting place in case anyone gets separated during the ride.

2. Avoid hazards on the road

Steer clear of road hazards that can create dangerous conditions for bikers. Look out for debris, potholes, and rough roads. Seek shelter if you anticipate poor weather.

3.Protect yourself

We all know helmets are vital when riding a motorcycle but do not forget to protect other parts of your body too. By wearing gloves, boots, jackets, and goggles when you ride, you can reduce the chance of serious head and bodily injuries.

4. Don’t drink and ride

Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Many motorcycle accidents occur when motorcyclists consume alcoholic drinks and are unaware of how fast they are driving. If you are unable to drive safely, have an alternate plan like rideshare or ask a friend to drive you home.

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