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Here’s The Quickest Way to Rehydrate Your Body

When asked what their favorite drink is, most people don’t choose water. So, it’s not surprising that 17% to 28% of American adults are dehydrated. Drinking enough water throughout the day can be challenging but Impact Medical Group of Clearwater shares a few quick ways to rehydrate your body fast.

Some might be shocked to know that the solution to dehydration is not to chug large amounts of water as quickly as you can. This can actually flush out helpful electrolytes and fiber from your body and may lead to a serious condition called hyponatremia. A great first step to rehydrating your body is to find an effective oral rehydration solution (ORS). This beverage can help speed up the hydration process with its mixture of sodium, glucose, and electrolytes. An ORS contains lower amounts of electrolytes than the body, which then allows salts and fluids to be absorbed quickly by the bloodstream to create a quicker recovery.

Another way to combat dehydration is to get techy with it. You can find a plethora of apps in your smartphone’s app store that will help you hydrate digitally. They can range from water intake recommendations, notifications when it’s time to drink, or even logging how much water you have consumed thus far. Pair this with a fun water bottle to maximize your hydration efforts.

If you’re still not able to consume enough water for optimal hydration, IV Drip therapy is a quick way to rehydrate your body. When even just 1-2% of body water loss can begin to impact your cognitive abilities, it may be worth trying this safe and rapid treatment. Dehydration symptoms can include slower performance, less mentally present, or even more serious indicators like dizziness and dry mouth. Rehydrating is crucial for any rigorous activity and especially important after a sickness that may cause quick dehydration.

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