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7 Aftercare Tips for Your Next Chiropractic Adjustment

Considering scheduling your first chiropractic adjustment? If so, you may be wondering what you should do after your appointment is over. Well, you’re in the right place!

The benefits of seeing a chiropractor are far-reaching but doing the right things and avoiding certain things after your adjustment can help you reap the most benefits from your appointment.

Here are 7 things you should do after your chiropractic adjustment at Impact Medical Wesley Chapel!

#1. Hydrate

After your chiropractor appointment, it is crucial to drink a lot of water. This might seem odd, but it won’t once you understand what happens during an adjustment.

During your appointment, your chiropractor manipulates joints, muscles, and bones to provide pain relief and other benefits. When these things are moved, there is often a release of toxins from the body. Drinking ample water helps flush out these toxins, allowing your body to recover and heal.

If you don’t hydrate, these toxins may settle back in and the pain could return.

#2. Move, but Don’t Do Vigorous Exercise

Some light movement after an adjustment can help stimulate blood flow which in turn can help expedite the healing process that begins after you get an adjustment.

Avoiding vigorous exercise like lifting weights is a good idea, but you can still go for a walk, a light swim, or a bike ride. Just don’t overdo it.

#3. Avoid Explosive Movements

Explosive movements, such as when you jump or move weights with plyometric force, are also a good idea to avoid. Though your adjustment might make the movements feel easier or eliminate pain, it’s a good idea to let your body rest and recover before you do extensive exercise.

Once your body gets used to the treatment, this might be as big of a deal as many athletes get chiropractic adjustments before games.

#4. Add Stretching to Your Routine

Many people know that chiropractors manipulate joints by cracking them, but that is not always it. Depending on what issue you have, a chiropractor may also prescribe exercises or stretching routines to follow.

Ask your chiropractor if they have exercises that you can do at home, especially if your goal is to reduce pain or heal an injury more successfully.

#5. Eat Healthy Foods

This is a good rule to follow regardless of when you have a chiropractor appointment scheduled. Eating nutrient-dense foods after your adjustment is beneficial to your recovery.

Give your body the nutrients it needs will help it recover and heal faster. But eating unhealthy foods can promote inflammation in the body which can increase pain.

Eat lean protein, plenty of fiber, and micronutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. Trust us, you will notice a difference!

#6. Pay Attention to your Body

When you begin getting chiropractic adjustments, it is not uncommon to feel sore or feel strange sensations after treatment.

In some cases, an adjustment could lead to some tingling sensations in your muscles. This is usually not a bad thing, and these sensations often have to do with the healing that is taking place in your body.

If you notice anything that feels off, take it easy and be sure to follow up with your chiropractor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about any symptoms that you are experiencing!

#7. Avoid Sitting for Prolonged Periods

Many people sit for several hours each day. This can wreak havoc on our posture and can be the reason why we seek out chiropractic treatment in the first place.

After an adjustment, try to avoid prolonged sitting. Focus on sitting upright with good posture. To do so, pull your shoulders back, sit with your heels on the floor, and keep your elbows tight to your side.

Making good posture a daily habit will help your body over time.

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Ready for your next chiropractic adjustment? Whether you are dealing with back or neck pain, our team at Impact Medical Wesley Chapel is here to help you on the road to healing. And don’t forget the above tips after your appointment!

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