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3 Tips to Recover Quickly from Whiplash After a Car Accident

Everything these days is quick. Food, entertainment, attention spans. But, what about your recovery from whiplash after a car accident? If the holidays won’t let you slow down, Impact Medical Rejuvenation of Tampa has three tips that may help speed up recovery.

With over five million car accidents occurring annually in the United States, whiplash is the second most common injury (back injuries hold first place) experienced. Whiplash is the quick extension of your cervical spine, or neck, area in response to a jarring sensation. It damages the soft tissue in the neck area and causes significant pain and reduced range of motion. There is no rhyme or reason for this type of injury – it can occur in both low and high-speed collisions. For most people, proper medical care and treatment can lead to a full recovery in months.

The first step to recovery is an evaluation by a professional. During this time, a treatment plan is created for a personalized course of action. Self-care for those with mild to moderate whiplash symptoms may also be prescribed to complement your care plan. Here are three options that may be discussed.

  1. Rest: It is important to remain as active as possible during your recovery time. This prevents your neck muscles from becoming too stiff. However, during those initial days after the accident, try to rest. This is also a good time to take note of what actions or motions aggravate your neck so the doctor can hone in on that area for treatment.
  1. Ice and heat: The first days after an accident are critical for healing. During this time, use ice to reduce the pain and swelling in the neck area. After a week or so, we recommend alternating heat and ice to maintain healing.
  1. Chiropractic care: Chiropractors use all-natural holistic care to restore and balance the body after an accident. They can also add recommended relaxation techniques to a care plan to address mental healing. Healing time varies so treatment plans are fluid and adaptable.

If you are interested in learning more about whiplash recovery, contact the Impact Medical Rejuvenation of Tampa today. Call us at (813) 283-1910 or visit us online to schedule an appointment.