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4 Ways Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Mobility After An Accident

‘Tis the season for all kinds of accidents. Some symptoms appear immediately but others may not surface right away. If you are wondering whether to see a physical therapist after your accident, Impact Medical Group of Port Richey shares why below. Here are four reasons why we recommend patients seek physical therapy care after an accident. 

1) Long-term injury prevention

A general treatment rule of thumb states that patients should always seek medical attention within the first few days after an accident. Physical therapy can address any immediate injuries while also preventing long-term damage through strength and mobility exercises.

2) Reduce pain through movement

Movement is probably the last thing that you want to do after an accident but it is worth it. Physical activity can help reduce pain and encourage recovery after an accident. Our physical therapy team designs custom treatment plans that will address pain points while improving the range of motion and function.

3) Avoid surgery

Both major and minor accidents may indeed require surgery after an accident. Though for those that seek physical therapy treatment, it may be avoided. Because physical therapy helps strengthen the body (and its tendons, muscles, and ligaments) through repetitive movements, it can also create protection for the various structures that support the body. With less recovery time than surgery, this is a treatment that is more cost-effective and can grow with you (pun intended).

4) Relieve discomfort

Physical therapists may use techniques like manual manual, cold and heat therapies, and electrical stimulation to increase circulation in the affected area. These techniques can also help ease inflammation by encouraging blood and lymph circulation to the injuries.

Recovering from an accident can be daunting. Let our team at Impact Medical Group of Port Richey help with customized treatment plans and experienced professionals. Call us at (727) 848-3377 to make an appointment today!