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Can A Chiropractor or PT Treat Old Accident Injuries?

Does this time of year have you feeling nostalgic about the good ol’ days? Who doesn’t love rehashing the big high school football game? But sometimes, Memory Lane can also include accidents from years past. If you are still suffering from old accident injuries, Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg can help.

It’s never too late to feel your best. If you are still experiencing pain from a decades-old injury, it may be a sign that your body never fully recovered. Instead of waiting out the pain, try these steps recommended by our team of professionals.

Scheduling a consultation is a great first step. In this first meeting, a chiropractor and/or a physical therapist will conduct a full physical evaluation while gathering information on your health history, pain triggers, and any other symptoms you have experienced. After compiling all pertinent information, the team will then create a customized treatment plan that can help achieve your health goals.

During these sessions, you will learn more about how the body can carry residual trauma from previous accidents. Some of these injuries include chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain that may cause jolts of pain unexpectedly. Though you may have received treatment for the pain at that time, the body may have not fully recuperated. Working with a professional who can properly diagnose is key when solving pain issues. Performing specific exercises, stretching techniques to explore the range of motion and x-rays are all diagnostic tools used to locate the true nature of the injury. For example, auto accidents may cause muscle, joint, and bone pain. However, this pain is not always easily treated with medication so chiropractic work is a great supplemental treatment. Using spinal manipulation, adjustments, and physical therapy exercises can be a foundational part of recovery.

Don’t let old injuries ruin a new year. Let Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg create a personalized program that can finally alleviate your long-term pain. All plans are fluid and make room for changes and adjustments as necessary. Visit the Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg website for more or call us at (727) 722-8103 to speak with our team.