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How Often Should I Go to A Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

Your car is not the only one to suffer after a car accident. After a traumatic event, the body can carry mental and physical pain. To alleviate discomfort, many people choose chiropractic care to treat car accident injuries. Although no two patients are alike, Impact Medical Group of Brandon shares more on how often patients should receive care. 

Even if you have just suffered a minor accident injury, you will likely experience pain or soreness. Visiting with a chiropractor for a full evaluation can help pinpoint pain and trigger points. At Impact Medical Group of Brandon, our team of professionals conducts full health exams, reviews health history, and engages patients in exercises before offering a diagnosis. Then, a customized treatment plan is created for the patient. Spinal adjustments, physical therapy, manual, and muscle stimulation are several ways that chiropractors treat injuries.

The amount of chiropractic care sessions depends on the severity of the injury and may adjust over time. Accident victims who experience pain like whiplash or other soft tissue injuries may need weekly visits until symptoms begin to dissipate. For minor soreness in the neck or back area, a reduced amount of treatments over several weeks may be prescribed. Many patients then choose to visit regularly as part of a wellness regimen. Speaking with a professional can help you ascertain the right amount of visits for your health goals.

If you are anxious to accelerate the healing process through chiropractic care, it is vital to attend every session scheduled. Skipping sessions can delay recovery. Additionally, any prescribed exercises or stretches should be completed. These movements promote fast healing and can enhance chiropractic care.

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