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What Are the Best Stretches to Help Ease Whiplash Pain?

Starting the new year with neck pain? Experiencing whiplash from a car accident can be excruciating. It can leave victims in extreme pain with limited mobility in the injured area. Impact Medical Rejuvenation of Tampa shares the best three stretches to help ease whiplash pain below.

Immediately after an accident, most are taken to a hospital or examined by a doctor. During this time, medical professionals perform tests, X-rays, and thorough exams to see the full extent of injuries. Upon diagnosis, it is imperative to create a treatment plan that works for you. Because whiplash is a serious injury, it may cause neck stiffness, tightened muscles, or even headaches. Many factors can affect the severity of whiplash experienced in a car accident. From the speed traveled, road conditions, to the victim’s size and the position of the headrest, all these variables combined can influence the injury’s recovery time. In some cases, victims experience delayed symptoms hours or days following their accident.

Everyone responds to treatments differently, so a firm recovery timeline is unlikely. However, by incorporating these three exercises into a multi-faceted treatment plan, patients may speed up recovery. 

1) Neck turn: This lateral movement exercise increases neck mobility. Stand straight and slowly turn the neck to the right. When you feel neck muscles pulling, return to a neutral position. Repeat on the left side. Do this daily on both sides.

2) Upper back twist: This exercise alleviates upper back aches. Sit upright and twist the torso to the right. Stop as you feel muscles pulling. Repeat on the left side. Do this daily on both sides.

3) Isometric hold: This exercise speeds up recovery time without added pressure on the muscles. Place your palm on your forehead. Push your head into your palm without bending your neck. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat daily.

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