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Why Do I Feel Pain Weeks After A Car Accident?

Car accidents can happen fast. Accident injuries, not so much. So, why are you feeling pain weeks after a car accident? Several factors impact delayed pain though one of the most common is the body’s self-preservation response. Impact Medical Rejuvenation of Tampa looks closely at how accident trauma can affect the body over time.

During the impact of an accident, the body’s initial response is to release a surge of adrenaline. This critical hormone is produced to protect from harm through the “fight or flight” response. Effects from this adrenaline deluge can include increased energy, dilated blood vessels or airways for increased oxygen, change in vision, a sudden increase in strength, or even the elimination of pain. The yin to the adrenaline yang comes in the form of endorphins. Your body releases these simultaneously to create a sense of calm and control. This wave can also affect the body’s response to pain and stress. For many, this means pain only appears after both adrenaline and endorphins have tapered off and the body has relaxed.

Common auto accident injuries that present as delayed symptoms include headaches, blurred vision, back and shoulder pain, neck stiffness, nausea, and others. Injuries like whiplash and soft tissue injuries that may have occurred from impact take time to appear. Because the ligaments and muscles were strained, inflammation and stiffness don’t appear immediately. Concussions are another common type of injury that are a result of sudden impact accidents. This brain injury can occur from a violent blow to the skull. In most cases, symptoms like dizziness, headaches, or sensitivity to light aren’t pronounced immediately and can appear days after. Back pain that affects the intervertebral discs is often delayed. Damage to a disc can appear as a tear, bulge, or hernia that will put pressure on nerves. Over time, the accumulation of this extra pressure will cause pain.

Though a car accident can happen in a matter of seconds, if not treated, injuries to the body can last indefinitely. That’s why it’s imperative to seek an early diagnosis, even if you might not show signs of injuries immediately. Receiving an early diagnosis can reduce recovery time and long-term pain complications in the future. 

At Impact Medical Rejuvenation of Tampa, our team of experts will conduct a full examination to determine all triggers and pain points. During this time, we will perform tests, X-rays, and thorough exams to see the full extent of the injuries and then create a personalized treatment plan for you. Call us at (813) 283-1910 or visit us online to schedule an appointment.