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Can A Car Accident Cause Tendonitis?

Car accidents can cause a range of physical injuries. Soft tissue injuries like whiplash and tendonitis can have a serious effect on a patient’s health. These types of injuries can create chronic pain, reduce the range of motion and impact the ability to complete daily activities. Impact Medical Group of Brandon explores these common injuries and techniques that may remedy them.

Soft tissue injuries after a car accident may seem minor to the untrained eye but upon further evaluation, may create extreme pain and discomfort that requires medical attention. Often, these injuries can occur from a forceful impact upon collision and affect multiple body parts like tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Without an immediate treatment plan in place, it can develop into tendonitis. Common areas to develop tendonitis after a car accident include rotator cuff injuries to the shoulder area. Initial symptoms include swelling in the shoulder and upper arm, a “clicking” feeling when the arm is raised, shoulder stiffness, and a loss in the range of motion of the shoulder. For injuries like this, where there is inflammation of the tendon around a joint, we recommend physical therapy.

Physical therapists at Impact Medical Group of Brandon may use techniques like manual manual, cold and heat therapies, and electrical stimulation to increase circulation in the affected area. These techniques help ease inflammation by encouraging blood and lymph circulation to the injuries. Most of these methods also involve manual treatments like balance and gait training, stretching, and functional mobility. Using these repetitive exercises and movements can strengthen the body and create a protective shell in the injured area. This style of treatment is generally more cost-friendly and offers less recovery time than surgery. Taking care of tendonitis at the earliest stage of injury can also help avoid an injury relapse.

Tendonitis can show up as long-term inflammation that occurs after soft tissue injuries. Because this type of damage can be difficult to detect medically, even with X-rays or scans, it is critical to seek medical care as soon as possible after a car accident. Patients should be able to describe the accident, where impacts took place, and any areas of pain.

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