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4 Reasons to Take Child Auto Accident Injuries Seriously

Car accidents are frightening and life-threatening, especially if a child is a passenger in the vehicle. Children can suffer catastrophic car accident injuries that can affect them for life, which is why you should always seek medical attention after a collision—even if no one involved is experiencing any negative symptoms. Here are the top four reasons you should take auto accident injuries seriously, and what you should do if your child has been involved in a collision.

1. Head Injuries Can Cause Long-Term Problems

Cerebrum injuries like traumatic brain injury occur most frequently in children who are involved in motor vehicle accidents. Kids under 12 months are most likely to suffer concussions and unconsciousness, while kids in the 1-year-old to 7-year-old age group are at a high risk of skull base fractures. As you might expect, head injuries can have a devastating impact on a young child’s developing brain, so a checkup from a doctor immediately after a car accident is critical.

2. Internal Organ Damage Is the Second Most Common Car Accident Injury in Children

Children suffer from abdominal injuries from car accidents more often than adults do, particularly trauma to the small and large intestines. This is the second most common type of injury children aged 4-7 years suffer from as the result of a collision. Infants and toddlers often fare even worse, with liver and spleen damage taking the top spot as the most common abdominal injury for children between one and three.

3. Pain Can Be Difficult to Diagnose and Treat

It’s often challenging for infants and young children to accurately express the pain they’re feeling or understand whether they’ve been hurt in the first place. While the symptoms of some medical emergencies may be apparent, others aren’t. You should have your child examined by a physician as soon as possible after a collision, to determine whether there are any underlying issues that could currently be causing pain or could cause pain or disability in the future if not addressed.

4. Children Often Suffer From Serious Mental Trauma Following a Car Accident

Car accidents can cause significant mental trauma for adults and kids alike, even if they don’t cause injury. Collisions are terrifying, and they can leave a child severely traumatized. Many children experience moderate to severe psychological distress even months after a car accident, so it’s important to monitor your child’s mental well-being and seek advice from a trusted medical professional, when applicable.

Seek Medical Attention After an Accident—Even a Minor One

If you or your child has been in a car accident—even a seemingly minor one—seek medical advice immediately. In many cases, pain and symptoms of injury may not present themselves until days or weeks after an accident, and early intervention can improve health outcomes for adults and kids alike. The caring medical team at Impact Medical Group of Sarasota is ready to diagnose and treat car accident-related injuries you or your child may be experiencing. Call us today at (941) 222-1157 to schedule your free consultation.