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What Are the Leading Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrian accidents are an unfortunate reality around the world, and in America, thousands of pedestrians are injured and even killed each year in these incidents. The pedestrian who’s struck by a vehicle often experiences an array of injuries, ranging from minor bruises and fractures to life-threatening trauma. Here are some of the leading causes of pedestrian accidents, and how you can recover if you’ve been affected by one. 

Failing to Yield the Right of Way

The term “right of way” refers to the legal right of a motorist or pedestrian to move ahead in a particular situation or location. For example, a traffic signal can indicate whether pedestrians can proceed safely across an intersection as motorists are required to stop. When either party fails to yield the right of way and commits a traffic violation by proceeding when they aren’t supposed to, it can lead to a pedestrian accident.

Crossing an Intersection or Roadway Improperly

Even when pedestrians have the legal right of way, they can still cross an intersection or roadway improperly. Pedestrians may try to cross a street at a spot other than the designated crosswalk–also known as jaywalking. They could also try to cross the road at the last second before a light changes, or they may simply unintentionally walk in front of oncoming traffic. In these situations, motorists have little to no time to react. The consequences can be dire, often leading to severe injuries.

Lingering in the Roadway

Whether standing, lying, or playing, there are many reasons why pedestrians linger in the street–in some cases, they may simply be going about their job. It’s difficult for drivers to avoid an accident when pedestrians linger in the roadway, even if they have enough time to react.

Roadside workers are especially vulnerable to pedestrian accidents. The high-visibility gear workers are often required to wear, along with road signs, can alert drivers to their presence. Drivers are required to practice extra caution around these worksites, but accidents still happen.

Poor Visibility

From poor weather conditions to objects or vehicles obstructing views, there are many factors that can reduce visibility on the roads. In these cases, pedestrians may be liable for accidents. All parties need to exercise caution and respond appropriately to current situations or conditions. Some of the common factors leading to poor visibility include:

  • Bright lights shining in pedestrian’s eyes
  • Headlights that are dim or broken
  • Objects or vehicles on the side of the road, obstructing a motorist’s or pedestrian’s view
  • Pedestrians wearing dark clothing at night
  • Poor weather conditions

Drugs, Alcohol, and Medications

Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medications is one of the leading causes of both pedestrian accidents and motor vehicle accidents. Drugs and alcohol can also impair the judgment of pedestrians, making walking across the street more difficult. When either a motorist or pedestrian has had too much to drink or has been using drugs, the impairment could lead to an accident.

Recover From a Pedestrian Accident With the Help of Impact Medical Group of Lutz

Pedestrian accidents are never pleasant, and the injuries they cause can be lifelong. When it comes to getting back on your feet after being hit by a car, the medical team at Impact Medical Group of Lutz can help. We understand the severity of pedestrian accidents and are dedicated to providing top-quality medical care to help you recover. Call us today at (813) 536-0373 to schedule your free medical evaluation and start your journey to a full recovery.