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4 Reasons to Add Manual to Your Accident Recovery Routine

Car accidents can be overwhelming, even if everyone involved is lucky enough to walk away physically unharmed. The chaos that ensues after an accident can cast a shadow on other physical discomforts that may emerge in its aftermath. Thankfully, manual therapy is an effective remedy that can help alleviate the pains and stresses many people feel in the wake of a collision.

Whether you feel physical discomfort immediately or it takes time to surface, getting a manual after an accident can make all the difference. Read on to learn about the four important reasons to add manual to your accident recovery routine.

1. Manual Can Help With Soft Tissue Injuries

One of the most common auto accident injuries is to the soft tissue of the neck, which can result in whiplash. Luckily, manual therapy is a highly effective method for treating whiplash and other soft tissue injuries.

By increasing circulation and reducing inflammation, manual helps to promote healing and reduce pain. This can be especially helpful for whiplash victims, who often experience stiffness and limited range of motion. But neck injuries aren’t the only concern.

2. Manual Can Help Treat Concussion

If you sustain a concussion from the impact of a car accident, the road to recovery may feel like a long one indeed. Manual therapy may be a helpful treatment to aid in that journey. By targeting the parasympathetic nervous system, manual techniques can strengthen your body’s natural ability to heal itself post-concussion. Not only can this therapy be effective immediately after the accident, but it can also be beneficial in the days and weeks that follow. 

3. Manual Can Treat Soreness and General Pain

The aftermath of every car accident can be unpredictable. Your body might feel sore in unexpected places, even if you don’t remember hitting them. But did you know that manual can help ease that pain? Not only does it increase circulation and improve your lymphatic system’s function, but trigger point therapy can even resolve generalized pain.

4. Manual Can Provide Emotional Healing

Getting into a car accident can be a jarring experience that leaves us feeling shaken and disoriented. Even if we’re lucky enough to escape physically unscathed, the emotional impact of an accident can take its toll. That’s where manual comes in. Not only can it help improve circulation and help us relax, but manual has also been shown to ease anxiety and symptoms of PTSD.

While there’s no guarantee that manual shortly after an accident will prevent the onset of these conditions, taking steps to deal with trauma quickly and promoting emotional stability can only benefit you in the long run.

Heal From a Car Accident, With the Help of Manual Therapy

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