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Why Do Some Clinics Not Take Insurance Or Offer Cash-Pay?

The process of visiting a clinic and providing your insurance information is a practice as old as time. Despite this method being the norm for so long, it’s always had its fair share of problems. Now that cash-pay business formats have come to light, many chiropractors are switching over as it is quickly becoming the new standard and practically making the need for insurance obsolete. But what is it about cash practices that have clinics making such a drastic change? Impact Medical will help you uncover the mystery.

Why Insurance Can Be A Problem For Both Sides

Imagine being a chiropractor who wants to spend their day treating patients, but you get stuck dealing with the intricacies of insurance claims instead. It takes time out of the day to process payments through insurance providers and relay any leftover balances to the patient. Since three parties are involved, it can take so much as a month or longer to completely finalize payment for a single visit. Remember, that’s just for a single patient. Now you can see how the process can slow down insurance-based clinics, but how are cash-pay clinics any better? The difference is like night and day for both the chiropractor and their patients.

How Insurance Companies Handle Chiropractic Care

While many insurance providers support medical expenses that are considered essential to your immediate well-being, some of them view chiropractic care as optional. Insurance companies that believe chiropractors to be non-essential will be less supportive of this service by only paying a small portion or nothing at all. Even policies that do support chiropractic care will usually require you to cover the copay.

The Reason Clinics Are Switching To Cash-Pay Practices

Clinics are the ones making the choice to change their business model, but the truth is that cash practice chiropractic care benefits everyone. People may skip out on chiropractic care because their insurance policy doesn’t support it, and that’s also bad news for chiropractors who want to help as many people as possible. Every time an insurance provider declines the service, that’s one less patient that a chiropractor is able to provide services for. But by making sessions more affordable and easier to pay for, chiropractors can encourage more people to seek care.

The Benefits Of Cash-Pay Chiropractors:

● More affordable

● Takes less time

● Flexible scheduling

● No insurance needed

Bottom line, chiropractors genuinely want to help out the community and so offering lower prices and an easier way to pay makes chiropractic care accessible for everyone despite their insurance situation. Even if a patient is only able to pay for a single session at a time, that’s better than skipping care altogether from not wanting to deal with insurance claims or not having insurance at all.

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