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How Long Is Recovery For Knee Manipulation Under Anesthesia?

Recovery time often varies from person to person, but here is what to expect. During the first 24-48 hours after a Knee Manipulation Under Anesthesia procedure, if you have no relevant underlying conditions and your procedure went smoothly, you can expect to recover at home. Pain management is crucial during this time as knee swelling and pain are almost immediate after the procedure, so most of the time prescription and over-the-counter pain medication will need to be picked up before recovery begins at home. Once home, rest, ice, and elevate the knee to reduce swelling and increase comfortability. As long as it is cleared by your doctor, light stretches are a good way to reduce stiffness in the leg as well.

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First Week After Knee Manipulation Procedure

Pain management is still an important element of your comfort during this time. In addition, physical therapy might be encouraged by your doctor. This can look like mobility exercises, and stretching. You may notice that your leg is feeling sore and weak, which is to be expected. Physical Therapy is also a great way to rebuild strength in the surrounding muscles in your leg after a loss of movement and manipulation of the area. The frequency of Physical Therapy will vary so talk to your doctor to be sure you are getting in the right amount of movement post-procedure.

Weeks 2-4 After Knee Manipulation Under Anesthesia

At this time, you can expect increased mobility regarding day-to-day activities, and even increased intensity during physical therapy sessions. This is also when you will need to be diligent about your follow-up appointments with your doctor. Expect a conversation with your doctor about readjusting your physical therapy schedule depending on the progress you’re making, and what work still needs to be done.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re doing your physical therapy homework by doing your stretches and exercises at home as suggested by your medical professionals.

1-3 Months After Knee Manipulation Under Anesthesia

By this point, you might expect a full recovery but you still need to be careful not to push yourself too much. Physical therapy should still be a substantial part of your road to recovery. This is when you should be able to see great improvement in mobility, flexibility, and strength.

What is considered a full recovery after a Knee Manipulation Procedure?

Full recovery typically happens between 3-6 months depending on the person and advancements made in physical therapy. This is also a conversation that you’ll want to have with your doctor to ensure that what feels like a full recovery, really is and that you’re cleared for workouts, hiking, etc.

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