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When Is Physical Therapy After An Accident Not Right For You?

Some people gauge whether or not to visit a physical therapist after an accident based on how they’re feeling. Is there any pain or stiffness, and if there is, does it feel bad enough to seek help? Get a second opinion from your local professionals at Impact Medical Riverview!

Why PT After An Accident Is Always a Wise Decision

Before you wonder whether physical therapy after an accident is right for you or not, we already have an answer for you. Physical therapy is always recommended after a car crash, no matter how you’re feeling afterward. The main reason for this is that some symptoms don’t appear until a week or two after the incident occurred, and you wouldn’t know until you’ve gotten an exam. Everyone reacts differently to accident injuries so it’s best not to take your chances. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to get checked out.

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“Should I wait until I start seeing symptoms to go to physical therapy?”

Even though some symptoms don’t show for weeks after an accident, that doesn’t mean you should wait for the obvious signs before seeking help. Oftentimes, the symptoms that arise after time has passed are an indicator that things have gotten worse. For a seamless recovery, it’s best to address the issue before it gets to that point.

Delayed symptoms that are left untreated could result in pain and stiffness in the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Spine
  • Arms
  • Legs

As you can see, that’s just about every body part that could suffer from unwanted symptoms if you don’t attend PT sooner. Once you start feeling the symptoms, your body has entered the next stages of injury and it will be more difficult to treat.

Can I Stop Going to PT If I Feel Better?

The treatment plan created by your physical therapist is an elaborate one with the closest estimate of recovery completion. If you abruptly stop going to physical therapy when injured, your progress can get set back and you will have to start from the top. Even if you feel the pain starting to go away, it’s always better to ask your physical therapist before quitting just to make sure you’re absolutely ready to quit.

The Benefits of PT Right After A Car Crash

Going to PT right after getting into an accident is a great way to encourage faster recovery, but these sessions can do so much more for your body and well-being. Overall, physical therapy can:

  • Restore any movement that was lost after the accident
  • Nourish positive mental health with light activities
  • Effectively relieve any pain or discomfort
  • Stop the progression of your injuries

PT offers so many incredible benefits that it’s not uncommon for patients to continue seeing their physical therapist even after a full recovery. In fact, attending PT regularly is a great way to prevent future injuries, making it a welcome addition to any normal day.

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