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Hormone Optimization

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The goal of Hormone Optimization is to balance and restore hormone levels to optimal ranges. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has numerous benefits for both women and men. Age-related decline in hormone production is one of the most common causes of hormone imbalances. However, hormones can also become imbalanced at any age due to stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and lifestyle choices.

In addition to managing the body’s fight-or-flight (stress) response, hormones also play a critical role in regulating hunger and mood. Because hormones are produced in small amounts within our cells, even low-dose replacement can have dramatic results.

We know that a significant part of the aging process involves the diminished production of hormones, which begins in our early 30’s and accelerates dramatically into our 50’s and 60’s. If left untreated, this can contribute to the development of chronic disease. Restoring hormonal balance with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy cannot only relieve these symptoms, but modern research indicates that it can also slow down the aging process. This can help prevent the occurrence of common age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, which is the number one killer of both men and women.


Bio-identical hormone replacement is considered “natural” because it uses hormones that are chemically identical (according to molecular structure) to those produced by the human body. Bio-identical hormones are more compatible with the body which creates a more natural hormonal response and lessens the chances of experiencing unwanted side effects. Many of the negative symptoms associated with decreased hormone levels can be relieved by restoring these hormones to optimal ranges.


Physical Changes

Hormone imbalances cause changes in the body which can easily result in an increase in body fat, decrease in muscle mass, lower energy, poor libido, thinning hair, and less skin elasticity or changes in bowel or bladder function. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms our doctors can help assess if a hormone imbalance may be the cause and provide a plan to help alleviate them.

Mood Swings

Each of us deal with life’s stresses on the daily. We are sometimes quick to dismiss irritability, anxiety or mood changes as normal responses to our busy schedules and daily frustrations. However, if you find yourself experiencing severe ups and downs, anxiety, or depressive episodes, our doctors will help assess if hormones may be the cause. Hormone replacement therapy may be a way to ease these symptoms and return to your best self.


Please be advised that there is a difference between being tired and being fatigued. Being tired may result from a poor night’s rest, a stressful or overactive day, or being mentally drained from work. Being fatigued is a feeling of being unusually exhausted day after day. If you are suffering from on-going poor quality of sleep or exhaustion, please let us know. It may be caused by hormone imbalances and alleviated with our help.

Bone Loss

Bone density decreases as we age, which makes us more at risk for falls or fractures. Also, the spine is at risk of degeneration as we get older, so protecting the vertebrae and discs in between them becomes increasingly important. HRT can help maintain bone density and provide needed support for strenuous exercise to help stay strong and healthy.



  • • Aging skin
  • • Bone density loss
  • • Dry / Painful intercourse
  • • Emotional reactivity and sensitivity
  • • Depression
  • • Frequent night urination
  • • Hair thinning
  • • Hot Flashes / Night Sweats / Day Sweats
  • • Fatigue
  • • Insomnia
  • • Loss of libido
  • • Loss of vitality
  • • Weight gain unresponsive to diet and exercise
  • • Nervousness / Anxiety


  • • Loss of motivation / Lack of vitality
  • • Loss of assertiveness / Increased need for sleep
  • • Reduced physical stamina
  • • Weight gain unresponsive to diet and exercise
  • • Loss of muscle mass / Inability to lose weight
  • • Nervousness / Anxiety / Irritability
  • • Breast Development
  • • Joint Pain
  • • Hair Loss
  • • Declining Mental Ability
  • • Decreased ability to perform sexually
  • • Loss of morning erections


Hormone replacement therapy has been studied for nearly a century. Anecdotal and empirical data have shown that patients report improved symptoms shortly after therapy begins. HRT can offset many of the negative side effects of decreased hormones that we associate with aging. By restoring balance to the endocrine system, the body functions more optimally and is relieved of these challenging symptoms.

If you are ready to take the next step in optimizing your health and managing your hormones, call our experts at Impact Medical Group for a consultation today. We look forward to helping you live your best life.

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