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Medical Care

Trusted Medical Care for You and Your Family at Impact Medical Group

Our practice provides medical care for patients across all age groups, and includes everything you and your family need to make sure your basic health needs are covered.

Medical care services range from yearly physicals to check-ups to x-rays, bloodwork, and regular screenings for men and women as needed. Our capable, competent, and experienced staff can provide these and other basic healthcare services to you and your family, as well as referrals to caring, expert specialists when needed. We will also help you manage chronic pain, treat any recurring medical issues, and start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With an eye toward preventive medicine and care, we can nip more serious issues in the bud and minimize future trips to the hospital or ER.

Establishing a firm relationship with a medical care provider has many benefits. Here are just a few reasons why medical care is important:

Continuity of Care and Early Detection

You want a close relationship with a doctor who is already familiar with your medical history, so that if there are any red flags, you’ll be ready to catch any serious issues early on, when treatment is most likely to resolve the issue.

Ease of Access and Communication

Let Impact Medical Group be your one-stop shop for medical services—if we can’t take care of your issue in-house, we will refer you to our trusted network of specialists. At Impact Medical Group, your medical care giver will stay in touch with you before, during, and after any procedure you may need.

Help Maintaining a Healthy Life

We can let you know whether you’re predisposed to high-risk conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, or even cancer, and then help you manage your risk factors to prevent these issues.

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Our Medical Care Services

  • General Medical Exams and Check-Ups
  • Bloodwork and Labs
  • Women’s Health Exams
  • Anti-Aging Treatments
  • EKGs
  • PRP and P-Stim
  • Treatment for Hormonal Imbalance and Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Saliva Tests
  • DEXA Body Composition Scans
  • Men’s Health Exams

To start your medical care services with one of our skilled physicians, please schedule an appointment at your preferred Impact Medical Group location.

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