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Medical Marijuana

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Impact Medical Group is a strong advocate for medical marijuana. Our trained professionals in Clearwater, FL serveTampa Bay residents out of our Clearwater office.

Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Neuralgic pain cannot be treated with conventional medications. According to research, marijuana effectively treats neuropathic pain, a particular kind of persistent pain brought on by damaged nerves.

Sativa strains boost energy and mood, whereas indica strains are favored for pain relief, sedative, and sleep. At the same time, those who use indica for non-migraine headaches reported a statistically significant impact on pain control.

Led by a team of experienced specialist doctors, we help manage neuropathic pain associated with personal injury; auto, truck, motorcycle, slip/fall, and boat injuries can be treated with safe and responsible medical marijuana use.

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What is Medical Marijuana, Really?

Cannabis was first used in western China or central Asia. People have used cannabis for its purported medicinal benefits for thousands of years. Its use was first recorded in 2800 BC when it was included in the pharmacopeia of Emperor Shen Nung, the founder of Chinese medicine.

The usage of marijuana for medical purposes extended throughout Asia, the Middle East, and the eastern coast of Africa. Some Hindu sects in India also utilized it for stress alleviation. Ancient doctors recommended marijuana for various ailments, including earaches, childbirth, and pain reduction.

In 1891, Dr. J.B. Mattison stated, “It is a drug that has a special value in some morbid conditions and the intrinsic merit and safety of which entitles it to a place it once held in therapeutics.”

Cannabis was widely used as a patent medicine in the United States during the 19th and early 20th centuries; it was first mentioned in Pharmacopoeia in 1850. The Marihuana Tax Act, passed in 1937, was the first federal law to prohibit the use and sale of cannabis.

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a special kind of substance that includes a wide range of substances called terpenes and cannabinoids that have unique benefits. As 35 states have recognized and approved the use of medicinal marijuana, the effects of these cannabinoids and terpenes are now perceptible in more than half of the United States.

Researchers continue to undertake clinical experiments with more than 100 distinct cannabinoids contained in marijuana to better isolate and comprehend each chemical’s effects. We now know certain cannabinoids like CBD and Delta 9 THC are responsible for beneficial medicinal advantages (such as CBDP, CBDM, CBDA, Delta 8 THCA, and Delta 8 THC).

Customers are growing more interested in their alternatives as the legal usage of hemp and other cannabis products expands. This contains the naturally occurring substances tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) present in cannabis plants.

The primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, THC, gives users a “high.” Although CBD and THC have comparable molecular structures, they don’t both have the same intoxicating properties.

Although CBD is psychotropic, it works quite differently than THC The biggest difference is that it doesn’t cause a “high” like THC. If at all, CBD only very slightly binds to CB1 receptors. To connect to the CB1 receptor and counteract some of THC’s undesirable psychotropic effects, such as euphoria or drowsiness, CBD needs THC.

Legal hemp must have a THC content of 0.3% or less. People use medical marijuana to treat conditions ranging from arthritis to diabetes, Crohn’s disease to multiple sclerosis. Some claim that it relieves chronic pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

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No Side-effects

Currently, medicinal cannabis, instead of conventional palliative painkillers, is getting increasingly popular. Pain and anxiety alleviation are the primary justifications we hear for marijuana prescriptions. Compared to opiates, which have fluctuated in popularity among doctors over the past 20 years, cannabis is much less addictive.

Additionally, NSAID-induced gastrointestinal problems are a problem for many people, but cannabis does not cause these problems. In addition to reducing pain, cannabis functions as a muscle relaxant, lower spasticity, and are less sedating.

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Impact Medical Group is a forward-thinking, multi-disciplined medical facility committed to improving the lives of each patient we care for. We work to make our community’s general health, happiness, and well-being better. We are passionate about;

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We strive to make a positive impact and difference in the lives of our patients to improve their personal life and well-being.

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We strive to provide outstanding patient care by offering our time, resources, and skills for the betterment of our patients.


We are constantly investigating and incorporating new and effective treatment solutions for our Patients.

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Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card

You do not need to bring any medical records at your visit to get a medical marijuana card. Without them, our licensed medical marijuana physicians can finish your medical marijuana card assessment.

To demonstrate your eligibility for cannabis therapy, you will need to give the state some supporting evidence. This might be a copy of your driver’s license or ID card, a doctor’s letter, or documentation of your residency.

In Florida, obtaining a medicinal marijuana card typically takes two to three weeks. An online application must be filled out, identity and medical documents must be provided, and a fee must be paid.

Your medical cannabis card will arrive in the mail if the state qualifies you for one. In normal conditions, you can expect to receive your medical marijuana card within a week of contacting us.

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