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Six Benefits of Manual Therapy for Your Skin

Manual therapy has many benefits including boosting focus, relieving anxiety, and even improving sleep. While you may not think of manual when you want to renew or heal skin, you’ll undoubtedly see improvements in your skin when you’re in the hands of a highly skilled manual therapist at Impact Med. 

Get relaxed and learn the six benefits of manual therapy for your skin:

Reducing Stress to Fight the Effects of Time 

Stress can wreak havoc on your entire body and your immune system. As your immune system weakens, your body will begin to wear under the stress, and it can harm your skin. Since your skin is one huge organ, it is important to engage in activities that help relax and refresh it. 

Manual reduces tension and stress in the muscles, skin, and tissues while reducing the body’s overall production of cortisol. By using manual therapy to manage stress, you can improve the health of your skin and reduce the impacts of skin conditions such as dark spots, dry skin, and buildup in your pores. 

Increasing Circulation

When receiving a manual, your blood vessels and lymphatic system are manually stimulated. This initial increase in blood volume causes capillaries below the skin to receive nutrient-rich blood and push toxins deeper into the veins to then be eliminated by the kidneys. Therefore, it is important to drink ample water after a manual.  

Nutrients in the blood, along with fresh oxygen repair and feed all the tissues in your body—including your skin. Your muscles and skin are connected with a tissue called the myofascia and if it becomes tight due to the stress hormone Cortisol, it can eventually cause wrinkles. When receiving a manual, the brain secretes endorphins that counteract Cortisol. Manual releases muscle tension, therefore, the skin will be relaxed as well. 

Over time, manual will help smooth out any wrinkles caused by stress and tension. 

Boosts Lymphatic Drainage

By boosting lymphatic drainage, facial manuals can improve your skin tone and texture, decrease puffiness, and eliminate toxins that have built up in the skin. Facial manual also stimulated the production of collagen, the protein that is responsible for your skin’s firmness and elasticity. 

Further, facial manuals smooth out your skin, brighten a dull complexion, and help to reduce and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.  

Stimulating Blood Flow to the Face

Manual stimulates blood flow and circulation throughout your entire body and can have positive benefits to the skin on your face. Gently rubbing and kneading your skin can make your face look radiant and healthy. 

Remember, anything that you use on your body, from soap, perfumes, lotions, and makeup gets absorbed through your skin into your bloodstream. When a manual therapist stimulates blood flow, these toxins will be released from your body. 

Plus, when combined with heat or an exfoliating mask, you can clear away dead skin cells and give your skin a lasting glow. 

Looking and Feeling Healthier

When you look great, you feel great, and manuals are one of the most effective ways to ensure that you look and feel healthy. Regular manuals reduce the overall tension in your body allow help your body process vitamins and expel toxins more easily. 

Manual promotes skin regeneration, so if you are trying to tighten skin after weight loss or pregnancy, manual can help your skin bounce back and heal stretch marks. 

As you get more manuals, you will notice that your skin is more even, balanced, more supple, and youthful looking. 

Investing in Your Overall Health 

Manual therapy is designed to alleviate tension, stress, and pain that can accumulate in your muscles and pores and have damaging effects. You will notice improved circulation, tightened skin, released toxins, and overall brighter skin with just a few manual sessions. 

Visiting a licensed manual therapist is a great way to invest in your overall health and wellness. 

Manual Therapy in Zephyrhills

If you want to feel and look better and improve your skin, consider manual therapy. Manual can benefit your skin in many ways including improving circulation, reducing toxins, encouraging more supple skin, and giving you a healthy glow.

Take care of yourself and foster healthier skin. Make an appointment with one of our manual therapists at Impact Med in Zephyrhills today— (813) 706-5156!