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Got Riders Arm? Try Manual Therapy

When it comes to motorcycle injuries, one of the most common and painful ones is the rider’s arm. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve just gotten into a motorcycle accident in the Cutler Bay area or you’ve been suffering from the aftermath and chronic pain of one in the past. Learning how to alleviate that pain and take back control of your recovery is essential. 

Fortunately, your friends at Impact Medical Cutler Bay are here to help. We provide comprehensive and cutting-edge care for rider’s arm that’s designed to get you back on your way to recovery. Today, we wanted to look at what precisely rider’s arm is and how effective treatments like manual therapy can be to your recovery. 

What Is Rider’s Arm? 

Rider’s arm, which you may have also heard called biker’s arm, is one of the most common injuries that come from motorcycle crashes. This injury is caused when your upper arm nerves are damaged during the impact with the road in an accident. 

This type of injury isn’t just caused by one specific type of motorcycle accident. The severity of the injury also depends on where your motorcycle lands on your arm and how you impact the road. 

There’s no doubt that if you’ve suffered from rider’s arm during a motorcycle accident, that you’ve been racking up medical bills, taking time off work, and are suffering in pain. But with strategic, compassionate, and focused treatments from professionals who understand what it takes to deliver unparalleled care for rider’s arm patients, you can take back control of your life again.

Treatments like manual therapy are exceptional tools to empower your recovery process. 

Why Does Manual Therapy Work? 

The chances are that the muscles and nerves in your arm are constantly in pain around the contact point during your accident. Using manual therapy, the personal injury treatment pros at Impact Medical help relieve pain and encourage your muscles and nerves to heal. 

Focusing manual therapy on the specific area of your injury naturally encourages the nerves to relax, alleviating your pain. 

Manual therapy naturally promotes blood flow to the area of your arm and relaxes the fascia. This dense, web-like connective tissue supports muscles, bones, and organs throughout your body. 

These benefits and more are why incorporating manual therapy into your recovery can help you take back control of your life again. 

At Impact Medical Cutler Bay, we are here to help. Our specialists help you create a customized healing and recovery plan built around manual therapy and the relief it provides those suffering from rider’s arm. Call us to find out how we can get you well on your way to recovery today!