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Tips From a PT- Building Muscle Strength

If you are experiencing back pain, aching muscles, or any kind of chronic pain, physical therapy and exercise can help improve your muscle strength and build agility in your entire body. Here’s how our physical therapy team at Impact Med Wesley Chapel can help you build muscle strength so you can say goodbye to pain! 

Tailored Exercises for Part of Your Body 

At Impact Med Wesley Chapel, we will tailor exercises to your specific condition to ensure that we address the source of your pain and help your body heal and gain strength. 

Back Exercises 

We use a range of back exercises to strengthen the back, lower back, and shoulders to increase core strength. Exercises that strengthen the deep layers of muscles in the back can improve your posture, as well as help to support the spine. 

Back exercises are one of the best types of exercises to improve overall muscle strength throughout the body. Further, stretching the back can restore the balance between the spine and hip muscles allowing for greater flexibility and mobility. 

As you practice physical therapy exercises, the goal is to reduce the strain on the spine through strengthening muscle groups such as the abdominals and the hamstrings. These exercises also help to increase muscle strength in the legs and abdomen. 

Lower back exercise can be a remedy for lower back pain and can also relieve stress and discomfort that many patients feel in the spinal area. 

Upper and Lower Body Exercises 

When we are working to rebuild muscle strength, we offer physical therapy exercises that are targeted at increasing the core muscle strength of the entire body. Physical therapy exercises can help rebuild muscle strength in patients who have difficulty climbing stairs, lifting heavy objects, or have difficulty squatting.  

At Impact Med Wesley Chapel, we use upper and lower body balancing exercises to help improve balance while walking, knee exercises to help improve muscle strength in the legs, and shoulder exercises to rebuild strength in the rotator cuff and the shoulder muscles so patients can easily lift, throw, or do overhead movements. 

The benefits of physical therapy for rebuilding strength are many and offer more than just increased strength, but also offer greater flexibility, mobility, and quality of life. 

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Individualized Exercise Program 

Physical therapy takes into account a patient’s movement, physical capabilities, body type, and activity level to design an exercise regimen to help improve strength and function. Our physical therapists will develop a custom exercise program based on the most effective exercises to enhance mobility and strength for your unique condition. The pacing, exercises, and the number of visits with the physical therapist will vary depending on the patient’s specific needs. 

Of course, developing the right exercise plan for a patient can include some trial and error, so these plans will be adjusted accordingly. 

Proper Form and Technique 

Without the proper form, a patient will not get any benefit from exercise. Doing exercises in proper form allows a patient to isolate the desired muscle or muscle group to increase the effectiveness and result of an exercise. Our physical therapists will instruct patients on proper form and technique to prevent injury and foster effectiveness. We will also discuss posture and movement exercises and provide tips and suggestions on how to improve posture for added protection for the spine.  

Tips for Performing Physical Therapy Exercises 

  • Exercises need to be performed regularly under professional Physical Therapist supervision to prevent injury. 
  • Exercises must be performed following a set of gradation that is suitable for a patient’s body and specific physical condition. 
  • Core strengthening will help with problems such as back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain. 
  • Stay as active as possible, even if you have physical problems such as pain in the knees or shoulder. The more active you are, the stronger you will be. 
  • Exercise often to improve muscle strength and to stay healthy and fit. 

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Build Strength with Impact Med Wesley Chapel 

Say goodbye to chronic pain, weakness, or lack of mobility, and hello to physical therapy at Impact Med Wesley Chapel! We will create an exercise and strengthening program just for you so you can start your journey to a pain-free and more mobile life! 

Ready to get started? Call our physical therapy team at Impact Med Wesley Chapel today—813-953-1002!