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How Does Florida’s No-Fault Law Affect Me?

If you live in the state of Florida and drive a vehicle, you’ve likely heard the phrase “no-fault state” more than once. But what does this mean and how will it affect you if you are in a car accident?

Our team at Impact Med Zephyrhills discusses what Florida’s no-fault law means, and how it can affect you if you are in a car accident.

What is Florida’s No-Fault Law?

“No-fault” means that in the event of a car accident, both parties will turn to their own auto insurance policies to make claims, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. To cover this, all Florida drivers are required to carry Personal Injury Protection or PIP insurance on their car insurance policy.

No-fault laws are supposed to make it easier for those injured in a car accident to seek medical treatment, but there are some restrictions. PIP insurance has a limit on medical expenses, and it will only pay up to a certain amount.

If your injuries are serious enough, meet the law’s injury threshold, or exceed your PIP coverage, you may choose to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver.

What Does PIP Insurance Cover?

PIP insurance covers your medical treatment and lost wages following an accident. It may also cover any expenses that you incur because of your accident, such as childcare if your injuries made it impossible for you to take care of your children.

PIP insurance will cover these same expenses for all passengers that were inside the vehicle.

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Personal Injury Requirements in Florida

The minimum PIP insurance requirements in Florida are $10,000 for medical and disability per person per accident. There are also $5,000 of death benefits. This money is paid out without any determination of fault.

The PIP benefits cover the owner of the car insurance policy and any relatives that live with them in their household. The owner and relatives are also covered when they are pedestrians or riding in someone else’s car.

Florida PIP coverage pays for 80% of medical treatments up to the $10,000 limit per person and 60% of disability up to the $10,000 limit.

It is also important to note that you can increase these PIP limits if you prefer, the $10,000 amount is just the minimum required in the state of Florida.

Car Accidents in Florida

If you are a driver in Florida and are involved in a car accident, PIP coverage will cover your injuries up to certain limits. However, you should still take detailed notes and photos following the crash in case you need to litigate against the other driver.

If it is safe to do so, it is a good idea to record the following:

  • The other driver’s name, license number, and insurance information
  • License plates from both vehicles
  • Pictures of the accident
  • Any visible injuries to you and your passengers
  • Police reports

If you or your passengers are injured in a car accident, you can file a liability insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

With your PIP coverage, you should seek medical attention right away as you have 14 days to seek medical attention before your benefits expire.

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Can My Insurance Company Deny My PIP Claim?

Your insurance company might deny covering your no-fault PIP car accident claim for many reasons including:

  • The treatment that you receive was not necessary
  • Your treatment was not approved by a licensed physician, dentist, hospital, or another facility.
  • The deadline has passed for you to place a claim
  • You did not seek treatment during the 14-day window
  • Your injuries were not an emergency and don’t qualify for compensation
  • You were injured due to a pre-existing condition
  • The injuries you have were not caused by the car accident
  • You intentionally caused the accident
  • You got injured while committing a felony
  • Your insurance has lapsed
  • The damages you are claiming are not covered in your policy

Medical Care for Accident Injuries

Whether you are experiencing back or neck pain following an accident, our compassionate team at Impact Med Zephyrhills is here to help. We will work closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan to help you on your road to recovery.

If you are in a car accident, don’t delay. Schedule medical treatment today at Impact Med Zephyrhills; 813-737-7965!