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PT vs. Corrective Exercises for Car Crash Injury Pain

After you’ve endured a car crash, should you seek out a physical therapist or a corrective exercise specialist? What’s even the difference? The professionals at Impact Medical Sarasota are here to clear up the details so you can properly treat your injuries with confidence.

What is a Physical Therapist?

Many people attend physical therapy sessions to restore functionality to their affected areas and improve any range of movement that they may have lost from the car crash. These sessions have also been known to manage pain as well as prevent certain disabilities from developing. Physical therapists are very hands-on, much like a chiropractor. All practices, exercises, and movements are done in-office to ensure full accuracy and effectiveness during the treatment process. Other benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Improving overall balance
  • Regaining muscle control
  • Encouraging a long-term healthy lifestyle

Physical therapy sessions can go on for as long as the patient desires, and is the best option for immediate and direct treatment after withstanding such a traumatic event.

What is a Corrective Exercise Specialist?

Corrective exercises are effective in correcting imbalances and promoting muscle strength just as physical therapy does. However, the main difference between corrective exercise specialists and a physical therapist is that these specialists do not actively work on the patient. Rather, they run a full diagnostic on the injuries gained during an accident and formulate a plan for the patient to follow outside of the office. They are able to identify movement complications and equip their patients with the knowledge needed to properly exercise it back to health. This may be ideal for some cases, but car crash injuries typically require more immediate attention.

The Bottom Line

Both styles of care have their benefits and uses depending on what you need at the moment. For car crashes in particular, physical therapy is more ideal in treating intense injuries that require more urgent attention. To put into perspective, here are the most distinct differences between physical therapists and corrective exercise specialists:

Physical Therapist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

● Gives hands-on treatment

● Sessions last as long as you want

● Treatments are done in office with supervision

● Gives diagnosis and recommendations

● Sessions have a set end date

● Treatments are self-administered at home

Ready to Receive the Right Care?

Car crash injuries can evolve into a more critical state if not tended to promptly. Call Impact Medical Sarasota today to schedule your first physical therapy session and begin the path to a full recovery.