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PIP vs. Health Insurance – Which Is Best If You Have Been in An Auto Accident? post

If you’ve just endured an auto accident, you may be wondering if you should use your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or regular health insurance. What is the difference, and which one is better? The Impact Medical Cutler Bay team is here to compare the two for you and guide you on your next step toward receiving the best coverage.

What is PIP?

PIP is a “no-fault” insurance plan required by the state of Florida. Regardless of who is at fault, your immediate expenses will be covered depending on your limit. The minimum PIP requirement for Floridians is $10,000 with up to 80% coverage for medical expenses and up to 60% for lost wages.

PIP vs Traditional Health Insurance

One of the most common questions regarding insurance addresses the difference between PIP and regular health insurance and which one to use.

PIP Breakdown

While PIP will cover up to 80% of your medical expenses or until you reach your allowance, the type of services that qualify are somewhat limited. Since PIP is designed specifically for car crash injuries and damages, it will only cover services that directly or immediately help you in that situation. While your casual manuals will go uncovered, you’ll most likely receive aid for the following:

  • Ambulance rides
  • Hospital visits and overnight stays
  • Surgical procedures
  • Primary doctor examinations
  • Scans and diagnostics
  • Chiropractic care
  • Physical therapy sessions
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prescribed medications

The only stipulation for receiving compensation from PIP after an auto accident is that you must seek medical care within 14 days of the incident. This is easy to do since chiropractors fall under qualifying medical evaluators. A licensed chiropractor will be able to give you a full-body examination and treat your injuries with a personalized regimen designed to restore your muscle strength, posture, and range of motion.

Health Insurance Breakdown

Some of the major downsides to traditional health insurance in comparison to PIP is the number of limitations regarding qualifying for compensation. First off, you’ll need to pay your deductibles before you actually see any benefits. Additionally, the party at fault can impact the amount of coverage you receive. For instance, you could see significantly less compensation if you are considered the one at fault for the accident.

One upside to health insurance is that the range of accepted services is much larger, with one of the main exceptions being loss of wages. While PIP is more for emergency services, your health insurance could take care of more casual expenses such as regular manuals and other preventative care.

Which Coverage is Better?

Between PIP and regular health insurance, it’s less a question of which is better and more about which one comes into play first. PIP coverage will always come first since it addresses emergency services. It also kicks in faster since there’s no need to wait for a courtroom hearing to determine who is at fault for the accident. Health insurance should always be used as a secondary measure to pick up the leftover expenses not covered by PIP.

Meet Your PIP Requirement with an Appointment!

Have you just recently endured an auto accident? Make use of your PIP coverage before it’s too late by making an appointment with our skilled chiropractors at Impact Medical Cutler Bay before the 14-day deadline! Give us a call at 305-748-6020 today to speak with our friendly team and receive the best care in Florida.