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Tampa Bay Chiropractic Care for Golf Injuries

It’s a sunny day in Wesley Chapel, and you are on the back nine about to sink a putt. You swing, and yikes! Your back seizes up with severe pain. Your beautiful day of golf turns into painfully riding back to the clubhouse on a golf cart. Sound familiar?

If you have ever strained your back during a game of golf, you aren’t alone. More than 80% of the 30 million golfers in the United States have experienced some sort of back pain. Because let’s face it. As fun as it is to swing at golf balls, it puts your body in an awkward position, creating many opportunities for injury.

While you might turn to pain medications to help you get back to your golf game, there is another way to combat the injuries caused by golfing without the meds. Enter chiropractic care!

Here are some of the top ways that chiropractors at Impact Medical Wesley Chapel can get you off the couch and back on the green.

Common Golf Injuries

When you think about all the movements that are involved in golf, it makes sense that many golf injuries are caused by strain on the joints and the lower back.

Some of the most common injuries that golfers might encounter include:

  • Back injuries or pain
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Wrist injury or tendonitis
  • Knee pain or injury
  • Foot and ankle injuries
  • Hip pain or injury

As a golfer, you must realize that your sport can cause serious injuries just like rougher sports like football. So make sure you stretch before you play, stay hydrated, and avoid overexertion.

The Swing

Every swing that you complete during a round of golf places a lot of compression load on the spine. Studies have found that this force can be almost eight times your body weight. That’s like having eight people standing on your back every time you swing your golf club!

Over time, this force can cause your spine to become misaligned, thus overworking muscles, joints, ligaments, and more.

Golf Injury Prevention

Periodic spinal adjustments can help keep your body functioning at its maximum capacity and reduces the chances of injuries during a round of golf.

If your neck and back are correctly aligned, awkward positions, such as a golf swing, will have a less negative impact.

Golf Injury Chiropractic Care

Next to a great caddy, a chiropractor is a golfer’s best friend. Every year, more and more golfers turn to our chiropractic team to help them restore mobility in their back, neck, legs, wrists, and hands.

Chiropractic care can help:

  • Enhance strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Prevent injury

Working with chiropractors who understand golf and swing mechanics can be life-changing for your golf game. Not only can we help you feel better by readjusting and decompressing your spine, but we can also provide you with advice to prevent further golfing injuries.

P.S. We can even show you how to improve your swing, so it puts less stress on your spine!

Improve Your Game with Impact Medical Wesley Chapel

Chiropractic care can be a valuable tool for golfers to stay at the top of their game. Regular adjustments can help keep your spine tuned up for all those swings during your game, and if you do suffer any injury, our chiropractors at Impact Medical Wesley Chapel can help you manage your pain and decrease the time it takes for your body to heal.

Stay in the game with Impact Medical Wesley Chapel. Call today to schedule a chiropractic consultation; (813) 953-1002!