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Physical Therapy vs Rehab Compared

Each year, individuals succumb to injuries that require physical rehabilitation to restore one’s abilities. When injuries or illnesses limit your ability to enjoy everyday tasks, physical rehabilitation can help restore your physical strength and function. However, which one do you need – physical therapy or rehab? Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg examines the difference between physical therapy and rehabilitation below.

Physical therapy is a branch of physical rehabilitation. This term refers to all aspects of rehabilitation but the main focus of this type of treatment is to correct impairments and dysfunctions from a patient’s injuries. With these therapeutic exercises, patients can improve their functional ability and movement. Most of these methods involve manual treatments like balance and gait training, stretching, and functional mobility. Patients who suffer injuries involving their spine, joint, or even stroke should consider physical therapy to shorten their recovery periods.

The overarching practice of rehabilitation involves restoring the body back or close to its original condition. By doing this, patients can lessen the strain of their physical impairments on their bodies. With this broader scope of work, rehab incorporates re-learning skills and introducing new ways to perform tasks. For most, the goal of initiating rehab is to improve independence for everyday life. Types of injuries that invite rehabilitation involve bones, muscles, spinal cord, nerves, and more.

With proper application of either of these practices, an injury might not involve lingering pain. Our team of experienced and courteous physical therapists will assess your injury and develop a personalized program that will help you recover correctly. Call our St. Petersburg office at (727) 722-8103 or send a message to schedule your appointment.