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How Long Should I Wait to Start Working Out After a Crash?

A car crash can have far-reaching implications, including impacting your daily workout, favorite sport, or just taking a walk. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you gain your strength and mobility again!

We know it can be frustrating to know how to safely return to your exercise routine after being hurt, but our team at Impact Medical Sun City Center has a game plan to help you get back to it!

Rest & Relaxation

After a car accident, your body will need time to recover through rest and relaxation. How long you should wait until starting to exercise again ultimately depends on your injuries and whether you have permission from your doctor to do so.

If your injuries include bleeding, your doctor might tell you to not resume any major exercise or lifting until you have completely healed. With non-bleeding injuries, your doctor will need to gauge the level of inflammation that you are experiencing. Soft tissue injuries and whiplash can get worse during the first 48 hours after an accident, so it is important to first, get a medical examination, and second, take it slow.

Re-Introducing Exercise

Follow these tips to get back to your workout routine after receiving the go-ahead from your physician!

Take it Slow

While you might want to get back to exactly what you were doing before your injury, not so fast! If you go back to running, lifting, or vigorous exercise, you run the risk of making yourself weaker and at higher risk of another injury.

Take it slow and ease back into your workout routine gradually, and if you feel any pain, STOP.

Start with Small Goals

Do yourself a favor and start with small goals. There are a variety of things that you can do to regain flexibility and range of motion. Start with light stretching and walking and work your way back to strength training. Try Pilates and yoga and incorporate active stretching throughout your routine.

As for strengthening, start with bodyweight, resistance band exercises, or light weights. Avoid h wavy weights or bench presses. Slowly increase your strength without putting too much pressure on your body.

Don’t Ignore Pain

Post-injury is not the time to push through the pain. If you feel any pain when getting back into your workout routine, stop. Don’t ignore it. Pain is your body’s signal that you have gone too far or done too much.

Remember, rest and recovery are just as important as reintroducing exercise. Give your body the time it needs to revolver so you can return to exercise safely.

Pain after an injury is the body’s signal that you’ve gone too far or done too much.

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

Eating well and staying hydrated are crucial to the recovery process. Stay away from alcohol and junk food while you are recovering from a car accident. Eat whole, natural foods, and drink plenty of fluids to help speed up the healing process.

Get Back to What You Love

Of course, you want to return to the activities that you love, and you should! Once you’re pain-free, go to the gym or hit the court for some limited play. See how you’re feeling before and after, then work your way up.

Impact Medical Physical Therapy

If you need help getting back to your exercise routine, our team of physical therapists at Impact Medical Sun City is here to help! We will work with you to strengthen your body and improve your overall mobility and flexibility.

Get back to your workout routine with Impact Medical! Call our Sun City Center clinic for a physical therapy consultation today; (813) 938-5195!