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What Do Doctors Check for After an Accident?

When accidents happen, it can be a time of great stress and trauma. Most people choose to visit a doctor when symptoms or injuries arise, but it is also a good idea to have a doctor evaluate injuries before they appear. Doctors like the team at Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg are trained to inspect and identify common injuries. Here’s what you can expect to see a doctor check for after an accident.

Generally, the initial visit with a doctor entail reviewing medical history and the patient’s current condition. Before any treatment takes place, it’s critical to discuss the exact circumstances and events that transpired during the accident. Understanding that information along with the patient’s lifestyle, existing medical conditions, or additional concerns can help doctors create a personalized treatment plan.

Afterward, a doctor typically performs a physical examination. During this time, specific injury areas are tested by having the patient perform certain body motions or tasks. External injuries like cuts, bruises, or burns will be evaluated and treated based on the severity of the condition. Soft tissue injuries that impact muscles, tendons, or ligaments may present as strains, bruises, or tears. A common occurrence is a strain in the neck tissue, or whiplash. Typically, doctors will diagnose whiplash due to stiffness and pain in the neck area. If your doctor suspects you might have other injuries, they might recommend advanced diagnostic imaging, like a CT scan or MRI.

No matter if your injuries seem minor or significant, our team can provide pain management and solutions for patients suffering from accident-related injuries. Call Impact Medical Group of St. Petersburg at (727) 722-8103 or send a message to speak with our team.