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4 Vehicle Safety Features That Can Help Prevent Serious Injuries

Technology is everywhere these days. Most find it impossible to go a single day without using technology! It allows us to make memories, stay in touch with loved ones and now, keep us safe on the road. Impact Medical Group of Brandon shares four vehicle safety features below that can help prevent serious injuries.

Fiddling with tech toys is not just for teenagers anymore. Each year, distracted driving causes injuries, accidents, and even deaths across the United States. However, auto manufacturers are jumping on the tech train by adding features that drive innovation but can also reduce accidents and injuries globally. Here are four key features to note:

1. Backup cameras

Sometimes labeled as a rearview video monitor, this system is designed to prevent crashes that occur when the driver is in reverse. This feature is especially important when cyclists and pedestrians may be nearby. When shifted into reverse, the car monitor will turn on and allow the driver to view behind the vehicle. This is now a mandatory safety feature for all new vehicles manufactured after May 2018.

2. Adaptive cruise control

Similarly, to the original cruise control, adaptive cruise control allows drivers to set their preferred travel speed. However, auto manufacturers have added the ability to use forward-mounted sensors that maintain a safe distance between surrounding vehicles by automatically speeding up or braking, if necessary. A helpful way to promote safer driving on those long road trips.

3. Lane departure warnings

This relatively new safety technology keeps track of the vehicle’s position inside the lane markings. If the vehicle begins to shift outside the lane, a light will appear in conjunction with a warning sound. This is great for distracted drivers and can also reduce the number of sideswipe accidents.

4. LED headlights

Dark winter days and nights require quality headlights. LED lights last longer, usually over 20 years. It actively converts most of the energy used directly into the light, creating a better quality. An LED headlight also draws less energy from the vehicle and will produce a purer light that improves fuel efficiency.

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