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How Can I Relieve Neck Pain After An Accident?

Car accidents can be a pain in the neck. Literally. If you are experiencing neck pain after an accident, Impact Medical Group of Port Richey shares recovery tips for this common injury area. The neck is the most mobile portion of the spine. It can bend, rotate, and has the unique ability to secure the head’s weight as it acts like a weighted pendulum. As cool as that sounds, it is also a classic recipe for disaster when it comes to head and neck injuries caused by accidents. So, how can you relieve dreaded neck pain after your accident?

The good news is that several treatment options improve neck function after a car accident. After coordinating your initial medical appointment to ensure care and insurance coverage, speak with the Impact Medical Group of Port Richey team. During the initial evaluation, our doctors will explore sources of injury like soft tissue aggravation, whiplash, disc damage, and other areas of the body to identify pain triggers.

After this full evaluation, a treatment plan will be created. Every treatment plan is curated to the patient’s experience and goals. Common treatments for neck pain may include:

Home Exercise:

Adding low-impact exercises like yoga, swimming and walking are great options for decreasing pain and improving range of motion. These movements have also been shown to decrease acute and chronic pain long term.

TENS unit:

This small device can make a significant impact. Usually purchased over the counter or from a medical provider, it sends small, painless electrical signals through the skin using an adhesive patch. These signals help block painful nerve firings and muscle spasms.

Physical Therapy:

Working with a professional physical therapy team can help improve neck pain. Therapists can design treatment plans that include stretching and strengthening the neck muscles and surrounding soft tissues.

If you are experiencing neck pain after an accident, let us help! Call Impact Medical of Port Richey at (727) 848-3377 to make an appointment today!