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Can You Misalign Your Hips From an Accident?

Car accidents can be traumatizing and can cause severe injuries that can impact your overall health, and hip misalignment is one of the most common. This injury can be painful, and if not diagnosed early, it can lead to permanent damage that could affect your daily life. Read on to discover the signs and symptoms of hip misalignment after a car accident, and what you should do to recover.

Hip Misalignment After a Car Accident

Car accidents can have a significant impact on the human body, resulting in various injuries. One possible injury sustained during car accidents is the misalignment of the hips. This condition occurs when the hip bones are no longer in perfect alignment, resulting in discomfort, pain, and stiffness in the hip area. It can be a debilitating condition that affects a person’s posture, mobility, and quality of life. Here are some signs you may be living with hip misalignment after an accident:

Pain and Discomfort in the Hip and Lower Back

One of the most common signs of hip misalignment after a car accident is pain and discomfort in the hip and lower back. This occurs due to the impact your body experiences during a car accident, which can lead to a shift of your hip bones. This shift can cause misalignment, leading to pain and discomfort in your hips and lower back. You may not experience pain immediately after the accident. But if you find yourself experiencing pain shortly after, seek medical attention. You may need an X-ray to determine the extent of your injury.

Difficulty Walking or Bending

If you’re feeling stiff or are finding it challenging to perform simple tasks such as bending or walking, it could be an indication you have misaligned hips. When hips are misaligned, movement can feel restricted, and you might not be as flexible as usual. You might find yourself needing crutches or a wheelchair to stay mobile.

Visibly Uneven Legs

Another symptom of hip misalignment is visibly uneven legs. If one leg appears to be shorter than the other, it could be an indication of a hip misalignment condition such as a rotated pelvis or a tilted pelvis. The qualified medical professionals at Impact Medical Group can help you determine the root cause of the condition and offer a remedy.

Numbness in the Feet

When your hips are misaligned, your nerves may also be affected, which can lead to numbness in the feet. The numbness often starts in the toes and can be felt in both feet or one at a time. It’s best to see a doctor as soon as possible if you experience numbness in your feet to prevent the injury from getting worse.

Pain in the Knees

Hip misalignment can also result in knee pain, which can be confusing to those who don’t understand their symptoms. If untreated, it can lead to long-term damage. Knee pain is a result of hip misalignment placing undue stress on the knee joint. You may feel discomfort along the sides of the knee, the front of the knee, or both.

Life Shouldn’t Be Lived in Pain — Recover From Hip Misalignment With the Help of Impact Medical Group

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms after a car accident, it’s vital to seek medical attention as soon as possible. The sooner you get a diagnosis and proper treatment, the better the chances of preventing long-term damage. The medical experts at Impact Medical Group of Port Richey can help you get the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Call us today at (727) 848-3377 to schedule your free consultation.