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Can I Save Money By Paying Upfront For A Chiropractor?

Dealing with intense back and joint pains? If you yearn for a skilled chiropractor to ease your suffering but you can’t justify the cost, you’ll be glad to know that there’s an alternative solution. Allow the professionals at Impact Medical to teach you how you can save money by paying upfront for a chiropractor!

The Cost Of An Insurance-Based Chiropractor

If you’re lucky, your insurance policy may cover a portion of your visit to your old-fashioned chiropractor. But not everyone has the luxury of health insurance, and paying for your visit without any financial assistance can cost anywhere from $60 to $200 each time. Even with the help of insurance, you can still end up with a leftover balance that’s more than what you could be paying. But how is it possible to pay any less? You’d be surprised at how affordable self-pay chiropractors are, health insurance or not.

Introducing Self-Pay Chiros. How Do They Work?

The beauty of self-pay chiros is that you can pay upfront for as many visits as you want ahead of time. This allows you to control how much you spend before making any commitments, and the cost per visit is lower if you choose to go with a pre-determined bundle. After you pay for your visits upfront, all you have to do is show up whenever you have the time. So not only are self-pay chiros less expensive, but they’re also much more convenient to fit around your schedule.

Are Self-Pay Chiros Safe?

When you consider the lower price and flexibility of self-pay chiros, you may be wondering if there’s some sort of catch. After all, these benefits seem too good to be true for no apparent reason. As long as you visit a reputable business like Impact Medical, you’re guaranteed to be in the hands of qualified and licensed professionals!

That’s Great, But What’s The Price Difference?

If you’re looking for exact numbers, you’re in the right place. Let’s take Impact Medical, for example. The initial visit with an exam and adjustment is only $39. After that, there are bundles for you to choose from:

6 Pack

12 Pack

24 Pack


($33 per adjustment)


($28 per adjustment)


($23 per adjustment)

As you can see, even going with the first bundle which includes 6 visits is around the same price as a single visit to a traditional chiropractor without insurance. When you think about it as getting 6 for the price of one, that’s quite the money-saver!

Getting Started With The Best Self-Pay Chiro Near You

Ready to jump on affordable chiropractic adjustments on your own terms? Call your nearest Impact Medical Self-Pay Chiro today! There are many Impact Medical locations throughout Florida, including:

  • Tampa
  • Port Richey
  • Petersburg
  • Clearwater
  • Sarasota
  • Sun City Center
  • Lutz
  • Brandon
  • Wesley Chapel
  • Zephyrhills

With so many places to inquire about quality chiropractic care, it’s easy to get started on nourishing a healthy body. Don’t delay in visiting our office today!