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Why We Believe In Flexible Payment Options For Our Patients

Taking care of your body is a crucial part of your health, not an optional luxury that depends on your current budget or financial situation. While that may feel like the case at most insurance-based practices, Impact Medical aims to be your guiding light by offering you the services you need in a way that you can afford with our self-pay services.

Discover the reasons why we believe in providing you with flexible payment options so you can feel comfortable visiting us anytime for quality chiropractic care:

Some Bodily Conditions Can’t (Or Shouldn’t) Be Left Ignored

When we say that chiropractic care shouldn’t be seen as a luxury, we especially mean it when it comes to post-treatment in response to an unfortunate accident. The pain you feel soon after a crash (or any other incident) can turn into a lifelong debilitation if you don’t treat it immediately, and the lack of funds could be a valid reason for anyone to ignore their soon-to-be chronic symptom.

In our quest to help people, we can’t turn our back on a patient in need just because of their financial situation. Our flexible payment options available through our cash-based practice are our way of encouraging you to get the post-accident care that you need in a way that still meets our goals as a reliable chiropractic office near you.

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Each Of Our Patients Come From A Different Slice Of Life

Every individual’s financial health is unique, and so it’s not fair to gatekeeper essential treatment based on that factor alone. The current state of our economy has left many people with what’s considered low income, and not everyone has access to decent health insurance. Despite your current situation, you deserve to receive quality chiropractic care just like everyone else, and that’s what we aim to achieve with our flexible payment options via self-pay chiropractic services.

We Understand If Your Funds Or Method Of Payment Is Limited

One of the biggest flaws with regular chiropractors is that many of them only accept specific ways to pay in an effort to control their own flow of income. We’re here for you, and that means doing what we can to ensure that you’re able to pay, however you prefer to pay. That’s why we now support self-pay methods, giving you the ability to pay as much as you want whether it be session-per-session or in discounted bundles. You are no longer bound by the restrictions of insurance-based payment methods, and that’s something to celebrate!

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Our Mission Here At Impact Medical

We’ve told you our intentions for offering you a flexible way to pay for your chiropractic care, but how does that look in person? We’ll give you a test run with an initial exam and adjustment for only $39. You can use that first visit with us to decide how you want to proceed. In the end, you’re the one who gets to make the final call on what works for you, making your choice that much easier. Whether you choose to walk out or keep going, that’s a small price to pay for the power of choice and a refreshed body.

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