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Struggling To Find A Clinic That Takes Your Insurance? Try Impact Medical’s Self-Pay Option

Sometimes, having insurance isn’t enough to get chiropractic care. It’s the type of health insurance that decides whether or not you get the care that you need, and we find that wrong on so many levels. If you’re struggling to find ways to pay for your chiropractor visits, Impact Medical offers a new self-pay option that doesn’t require you to have insurance.

Why Won’t My Chiropractor Take My Insurance?

When a chiropractor denies an insurance provider, the insurance company itself is partly to blame. What is considered “premium” health insurance on the higher end of the spectrum may cover chiropractic care, but there are countless Floridians who solely rely on more affordable types of insurance like Medicare. The problem with insurance providers like Medicare is that they will only cover expenses for necessary treatment like in response to an injury. Otherwise, seeking a chiropractor can be taken as “preventive care” which is not listed under their available coverage.

Introducing A New Way To Pay Without Insurance

With how expensive a single visit can be, getting chiropractic care without help from your insurance may sound impossible no matter your budget. Self-pay chiropractors are revolutionizing the way people can get the treatment they need, regardless of whether they are looking to treat an injury or maintain a healthy body.

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Self-pay chiropractic care is paid for out of pocket upfront. How does this help someone on a budget? The price per visit is lower than what a visit would cost at a traditional chiropractor’s office, and you’re not obligated to pay any more than you’re comfortable with.

Take a look at the prices of these packages, for example:

6 Pack


($33 per session)

12 Pack


($28 per session)

24 Pack


($23 per session)

Depending on how much you have on you at the time, or how many times you plan on visiting, the cost for self-pay chiropractic care is significantly cheaper than the average visit. By utilizing this flexible payment method, we aim to treat more people in a way that works best for them.

Getting The Impact Medical Self-Pay Experience

Self-pay chiropractors are beginning to pop up as time goes by, but Impact Medical stands as your best choice for affordable and effective chiropractic services near you. But what makes our practice stand out among the rest?

When you visit one of the countless Impact Medical locations throughout Florida, you’ll receive the same level of compassion and convenience. With an initial exam and adjustment for as low as $39, we’ll show you how easy and affordable it is to receive quality chiropractic care from trained and talented professionals. Visit us anytime to witness the new age of self-care!

How Can I Get Started On Self-Pay Chiropractic Care?

Getting in on the new and revolutionary method of self-pay options for chiropractic treatment isn’t like getting into an exclusive club. All you need to do is visit your closest Impact Medical office and pay for your first exam and adjustment. If you want more information before you stop by, feel free to give us a call! We look forward to being your personal guide on your journey to affordable chiropractic care.