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Tampa Bay Accident Stats All Tampanians Should Know

You’ve lived in Tampa Bay for years, but do you know exactly what happens in your hometown? Countless Tampanians don’t realize just how many accidents take place near them every single year until it happens to them. Impact Medical is here to help you see the bigger picture and what you can do if you find yourself in a bit of a scrape.

Florida’s Crash Frequency Is Worse Than You Think

Go ahead and think of a number. Just how many accidents do you think there are per year in Florida? Let’s find out if you’re even a stone’s throw away from the real answer:

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Florida sees over 400,000 accidents a year.

Were you close? Of course, Florida is a huge state so the danger might still not concern you. In that case, let’s dig a little deeper. Out of those 400,000 accidents in Florida, roughly 30,000 of them are from the Tampa area alone. This number may include both minor fender benders and larger car crashes alike, but it doesn’t take much to sustain an injury that requires immediate care.

Why Car Crashes Are So Abundant In Florida

What’s the reason for so many accidents in Florida? The leading causes are negligent and impaired driving. Other than plain carelessness, this includes both alcohol and drug-related incidents.

Some Of The Most Common Florida Accidents

Not all accidents are vehicle-to-vehicle. At least, not from the types of vehicles you would expect. Everyone has their own way of getting around, but that doesn’t make one type of driver safer than anyone else. Take a look at more Tampa statistics:

  • Between 600-700 motorcycle-related accidents occur each year
  • Roughly 500 bicycle accidents happen a year
  • Around 600 pedestrians are involved in accidents per year
  • Commercial vehicles make up about 3,000 accidents a year

What’s My Likelihood Of Getting Into An Accident?

Seeing these statistics can be enough to worry any Tampa driver, but what are the actual chances of you being at risk? While we’re not fortune tellers, we can safely say that a car crash can happen to anyone, regardless of age, skill, or any other factor you might believe to make a difference. However, certain demographics tend to stand out:

Most crashes involve drivers ages 25-34, with the 25-29 group more likely to be drunk at the time of the accident. And while you might think that Florida’s constant rain might also be a leading factor, roughly 75% of accidents occur on sunny days with no elemental disturbances.

How Can I Treat My Crash-Related Injuries?

Now that you understand how many car crashes happen in Tampa (and why they happen), the next step after treading carefully is knowing what to do after it happens. After getting into an unfortunate crash, the first thing you should do no matter what is to contact your emergency responders. But when it comes to treating your accident-related injuries, we have a couple of recommendations:

Physical therapy is usually the go-to solution for regaining flexibility and mobility after getting into the kind of accident that affects your movement. This treatment option can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to achieve a restored body.

Chiropractic care is often recommended after an accident for assistance in dealing with pain from certain injuries, with whiplash being the most common.

Impact Medical Treats Accident-Related Injuries Near You

Visit your nearest Impact Medical location anytime you need treatment after an accident. With countless car crashes happening every day in Tampa, we dedicate ourselves to working hard day in and day out to administer the care you need to find your “normal” again!