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What To Do If Facet Joint Injections Didn’t Work: Next Steps

There are many solutions to back pain, with facet joint injections being a go-to option for its minimally invasive procedure. But did you know that they don’t have a guaranteed success rate? When these injections fail, there are some steps you can take to find the relief you need for a healthier body and a happier you. For effective back pain treatment options near you, visit your nearest Impact Medical location to see your local specialist!

Why Facet Joint Injections Sometimes Fail

Any other time you receive a shot, you’re likely to notice the effects. That’s not always the case with facet joint injections which only have a 75% success rate on average. That may seem like a high number, but when you’re down on your luck, you might end up in that small percentage.

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What causes this procedure to fall through? When facet injections fail, it’s usually due to the density of the bones surrounding the joints, or inaccurate placement, which prevents the medication from reaching the affected area. That’s why it’s best to have a backup plan, like knowing which alternatives are best for you.

What Are Some Alternative Treatment Options?

When facet injections don’t work, there are some alternative treatments that can get the job done. In fact, these “alternatives” can be effective first choices, allowing you to skip the shot altogether. The first recommendation will always be lifestyle changes because they’re simple and natural. But when you need a little more help, physical therapy and chiropractic care are also great options.

Physical Therapy For Better Relief and Recovery

For back pain that is too uncomfortable or painful, physical therapy has the potential to provide instant relief while healing your body with repeat visits. PT is often tailored to your personal needs, factoring in your body’s current state and where you want to be. Other benefits of PT include the strengthening of the muscles and regained mobility.

Chiropractic Care For Fixing Body Problems

When there are underlying issues, chiropractic care is often recommended as an effective treatment plan. It begins with your chiropractor performing a full diagnosis on your body and directly targeting your trouble areas. This treatment is especially helpful for the musculoskeletal region, including the facet joints throughout your back and spine. The adjustments are designed to relieve pressure where you feel pain to give your body more time to recover.

Ask About Our Interventional Pain Management Services!

Although PT and chiropractic care are both great choices for relieving and treating back pain, you’re also not limited to only those options. Places like Impact Medical specialize in interventional pain management services which span all kinds of methods for addressing joint and back pain. If you don’t know which option is best for you, you can always start with a consultation appointment.

Some of these services include:



Radio-Frequency Ablation


And more!

Find Relief From Joint Pain and Injury At Impact Medical!

Wherever you are hurt, Impact Medical has the means to help. From physical therapy and chiropractic care to our available interventional pain management methods, we will find the best solution for you to restore a healthy body. Contact your nearest location today to schedule a consultation!